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  1. I got TechTool Protogo and a 2gig USB flash drive so that I can partition my Powerbook's HD and install Ubuntu on it. My only question is, after much searching and little answers, how do I make my Powerbook boot from a USB device?
  2. monofonik

    iTunes - iPod Software Update?

    Trashed plist, reinstalled iTunes and now everything works fine, just thought I'd let everyone know in case someone else wondered how to fix this.
  3. monofonik

    Pearl Harbor not completely downloading

    Unfortunately Apple's iTunes store support sucks. There's some goofy web chat you can do to talk to an Apple rep. I'd search the Apple docs and see if other people have had this problem.
  4. monofonik

    Higher Quality iTunes Purchases

    Imagine this: You go to Yosemite. You take an amazing, almost Ansel Adams-like photo of a waterfall. You take it home, print a copy, put it down on your desk and hold the camera over it, and take a picture of the picture, and then decide to frame that version of the picture. The moral of the story is don't buy music off iTunes. It locks you into playing your music with iTunes and the iPod, and doesn't allow you to safely transcode your files from one format to the next. Support your local record shop and maintain your right to fair use.
  5. In iTunes 7 the iPod screen has been displaying "downloading software update" for over a week now with nothing happening. It doesn't seem to be finishing the download. I can't update to 1.2.1 while this is going on. Has anyone else been getting this, or knows what to do? I couldn't find anything on Apple support, but maybe someone else has had better luck.
  6. monofonik

    HFS is not a Windows formatted volume. NTFS is.

    Yeah, I think everyone noticed that little error. Nothing huge.
  7. monofonik

    Boot Disk Partitioning?

    I want to dual boot Ubuntu and Tiger on my PowerBook, and need to partition my drive. The two problems are 1) I don't really want to format my hard drive and start from scratch and 2) I can't figure out how to resize my boot partition without doing that. Can anyone help? I'd prefer to do this for free.
  8. monofonik

    2 DVDs stuck in iMac G5

    Step 1: Make the kid pay for service Step 2: ? Step 3: Profit!
  9. monofonik

    Spot on my PowerBook's LCD!

    There's a spot on my PowerBook's LCD. It doesn't look like a dead pixel, because it's actually a few pixels wide and seems fuzzy on the edges. it really looks like a piece of dust on the screen, only behind it. Has anyone ever heard of this? Is it something I can take care of myself? I don't have AppleCare (stupid me) so if I can take care of it for cheap, that's cool, if not, it's near the bottom of the screen around where the dock sits so I can live with it.
  10. monofonik

    Podcast Chapters - ITunes 7

    There's a menu for it at the top with the rest of the menus. It was moved in iTunes 7.
  11. monofonik

    BlackBook in Studio 60?

    Yeah, he does. I saw that too.
  12. monofonik

    Notebook Batteries

    I hate to resurrect this topic but I hate it when people create a new thread to discuss something that could've otherwise fit somewhere else. Anyways, my question is this: Is there a way we can track the progress of our battery replacements and maybe even somehow find out its whereabouts?
  13. monofonik

    should search be working?

    A guy on the iLounge forum claimed he bought his iPod 2 weeks ago and it worked, but I'm thinking he's full of it. There is that cool feature where it shows the letter you're at when you scroll.
  14. monofonik

    Which is better, Mail or Entourage?

    I just use Gmail's web interface. Pretty smooth and works real well. As for Entourage, it's got a kind of iCal thing built into it doesn't it? So I guess there's that.
  15. monofonik

    Mac users at school

    Isn't Apple hardware more expensive in the UK compared to NA?