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  1. Thanks for your quick reply - I appreciate it. Never hurts to ask, now does it? Take care, falcon419
  2. Sorry, maybe I didn't post my question very clearly ---- I'm looking for a "show Duplicates" in iPhoto...... there is no "advanced" pull-down menu in iPhoto... Thanks! falcon419
  3. Hi -- wondered if you knew if there was a "Show Duplicate Pictures" hidden command in iPhoto (Ver. 6.0.2) lie there is in iTunes ("Show Duplicate Songs"). My daughter's iPhoto pictures were imported into my G4 PowerBook - and for some reason I have 4 and sometimes even 5 copies of the same picture in the main Library - bringing the total # of pics near 5,000.... If I could show duplicates, I could eliminate them.... sure it would still take a lot of time, but doable. Thanks so much - I really appreciate the Forum and the Maccast Podcast! Best Regards, Falcon419java script:emoticon(':D')