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  1. martzgfx

    One Library to rule them all

    Easiest solution: http://samsoff.es/post/how-to-sync-your-it...pbox-in-3-steps Tried that DropBox service for free (2 GB) for a while, and I loved it so much, I decide to upgrade to their 50 GB plan. Now I have both my Macbook Pro and MacPro sharing the same library – no more syncing nightmare. :-) martzgfz
  2. I would first like to thank all of you who replied to my question - I really appreciate the willingness of this community to help each other. This is grand. Now, for these 130 people or so who have opened this message but did not have an answer, here's what I finally found recently from Mactopia web site: So, here we are: Microsoft is throwing the ball at Apple, saying it is their fault. Funny, the Office suite is the only app in all my Graphics arsenal that misbehave with Spaces, go figure... So in short: the advice here is NOT to use Spaces with the Office Suite. Heh. martzgfx
  3. Hello fellow Mac users, I don't know if anyone had or is having this issue, but I have been plagued with this annoying behavior for quite some time now: I have a Mac Pro (had a G5 tower before that one) with two screens, and as I often use multiple software at once (Graphics & Office stuff), I decided to activate "Spaces" in Mac OS 10.5 (now 10.5.6), so that I have specific application sitting in their own spaces, and switch to them when need be. But here's the problem that is driving me nuts: I have Microsoft Entourage opened at all time (we are using Exchange at work for our mail, a PC world of course), and every time some activities are happening in Entourage (syncing for instance), Entourage claims Spaces' attention and switch me to its own virtual desktop - an unwanted switch, that is extremely disturbing, especially while I am working in other applications!!! I looked around for an answer, in Spaces' preferences, in Entourage, etc – but found none. So, if someone here knows a way to fix this, I promise to burn a candle to his or her name every Friday, while cursing Microsoft in the process. Thanks in advance, martzgfx