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  1. Hey Guys! Long time no post... hope everyone is well. I've had a very strange issue arise with System Preferences. I'm running Tiger 10.4.2. I can't pinpoint when exactly after the OS update this started happening, but upon opening the Date and Time submenu in System Preferences, SysPref crashes! Its been happening for a while... I've ignored that submenu for a while too... and just kinda... CHECK up on it once and a while to see if it has been miraculously fixed... but alas, it is not. I've got NO clue how to fix this (other than reinstall Tiger which I REAAAAAAAAAALLY don't want to do) Has anyone had a similar problem/heard of it before and have an idea on how to solve it? Thanks everyone and much appreciated!
  2. argonian

    Vista beta screen shots, does anybody really care?

    I was under the impression that Vista was a whole revamping of the operating system... a fresh start and a whole new look for M$... hence it taking so long. But now I see the screen shots, though my first reaction is perhaps premature, it appears to be a glorified XP. Sure they've got the transparency... what's new? Sure they've grouped things a bit differently in the control panel... sure. That took, what... 4 years to do? Sorry i'm a bit cynical.
  3. argonian

    MacCast Stuff Around the World Pics

    HAHA! I'm not an originator from winnipeg... I came here from Toronto, so I had my doubts as well when I was planning to come here
  4. argonian

    "XXXXX XXXXXX, I can't even frickin' talk" (note i

    here here. No worries Adam! words are words.... intentions are something entirely different, and we know your intentions are always for the good. Keep up the amazing work!
  5. argonian

    MacCast Stuff Around the World Pics

    I LOVE that idea!!!!
  6. argonian

    MacCast Stuff Around the World Pics

    No Apple store in winnipeg, but I did get my apparel today (finally... its 7 days late!) Working away! View (NW) from my balcony of downtown Winnipeg... Legislature behind me to the left... 'nother view (NE) of downtown weeeeeeeeeeee!
  7. Anyone able to still use fink? I've tried self updating but i ikeep getting kernel panics when I do.
  8. Gripe: Some widgets (Weather, Phonebook) don't work for Canadian locations. Bummer. Just have to make my own i guess
  9. argonian

    Screen Shot Thread

  10. argonian

    Let me see your Mac!

    taken the first day I got it: My home office:
  11. argonian

    Upgrading to Tiger?

    you betcha!
  12. argonian

    Oldest Mac in heavy Day to Day use...

    WOW... that's an impressive list. I've had only 2: May 2003: 15'' Powerbook G3 400MHz Firewire 192MB RAM 6GB HD November 2004: see signature I've USED older macs but never owned them and used them day to day...
  13. Long post! I started seriously using computers when I was 11 (1991). I taught myself the basics of programming by reviewing the code of QBASIC's games (Noodles and Gorillas). Going through highschool, the window's operating system was the only thing available... we had one macintosh lab, and I used it for one course, but always prefered the Window's operating system. Moving into University, i'd built my own PC with Windows to save money, and Windows / Unix were the operating systems of choice in programming classes. At the end of my undergrad, UNIX was what I used with all the modeling I was doing. I was unhappy with the inefficiencies of X-window emulators for Windows and would find myself spending much more time in UNIX labs at school then at home. When I started my master's in a different part of the country, I needed to get a computer that I could take with me to conferences and back home with me, as well as something to work on until my desktop computer could get sent out to me. I was also just finishing an undergrad and moving at the same time, so money wasn't something I had a lot of. A professor of humanities at the school was selling his old Powerbook G3 FireWire 400MHz 192mb RAM laptop for a very reasonable price... I took it for a day and gave it a whirl. I was a bit hesitant about the compatibility between my old files and the Mac OS (which I realise now was silly ) ... but I ended up buying it. I named it Gabriel, and it was the best computer I have ever had... I loaded 10.2 Jaguar on it and it ran beautifully...and then Panther when it came out. I was impressed that with every new OS that was released, I could still run it on Gabriel, even with the 4 year old hardware set up... What also impressed me was that Gabriel really became a terminal... a portable terminal with which I could access the multiple UNIX servers I was using on campus, and be able to locally view applications I was running remotely (via X11), without ANY sort of lag or extra use of resources (dependant on connection), which is more than what Windows X managers can boast. About 6 months ago luck fell on my lap my supervisor made it possible for me to buy a new Powerbook (which I've lovingly named Plato). I still use Windows(when I have to), but I will never purchase another Microsoft OS so long as Apple is producing amazing OS's such as OS X. Everyone around me tells me I should work for Apple because once you get me going, I just don't stop preaching about its qualities (can you tell? ) In my research group I am one of a few who are keen on Apple computers... so its a hard battle trying to convince PC users to switch...but I'm doing my part... but I didn't think anyone was as passionate as me about my computer...to the point where I've named it... and love it as a companion that allows me to facilitate my needs. But when Adam played Jonathan Coulton's "Laptop Like You" on the first podcast I had ever heard... I knew I wasn't alone. *snif* I love you guys... Now I'm going to go work on my top 10 switch list