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  1. Some people have wondered whether the UK iPhone price of £269 will come down in a couple of months, as it did in the US. The US reduction made the 8GB iPhone match the price of the 16GB iPod Touch. In the UK, the £269 iPhone price is the same as the 16GB iPod Touch, therefore the UK iPhone has already been adjusted to reflect the Apple pricing scheme. Of course, the relatively high price of the iPod Touch and iPhone in the UK has led to people thinking about importing from the States. On another forum someone asked about import duties and VAT on products sent into the UK. I found a really useful summary from DHL on the subject: http://www.dhl.co.uk/publish/gb/en/informa...d_vat.high.html
  2. Mabsey

    Skitch Invites, I'm fresh out!

    And I have 4 left. Again, just drop me a message if you need an invite.
  3. An option: connect your MacBook Pro to your old iMac via Firewire and boot up the MBP in Target Disk Mode. You should be able to open up your iTunes on the iMac and simply drag the playlist onto your Target Disk (MBP). I think that should work but if it doesn't, if you have the music on an iPod, you could use an application such as Senuti, select your playlist in Senuti and copy the music to the MBP. I'm sure there are other options that people will come up with.
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  5. Mabsey


    One other thing though - if a Windows user is the only person using the AEBS (weird, but could happen!) surely their hard drive couldn't be installed as HFS+ as they wouldn't get that option in Windows (only NTFS or FAT32)?
  6. Mabsey


    Thanks for the elaboration (and correcting my 1240, yes - it should be 1280!). I don't think Adam is the only person that has made the mistake when referencing screen resolutions.
  7. Mabsey


    Thanks Graham.
  8. Mabsey


    Two points. 1. I have an Iomega 640GB hard drive connected to the Airport Extreme Base Station. It is made of two 320GB hard drives connected via RAID 0. I have had no problems whatsoever. The Ultramax is formatted as OS Extended (but not journaled). 2. If you make the format HFS+ can Windows users still read the drive? I thought they could only see FAT32 or is the fact that the AEBS makes the hard drive a form of NAS mean that format is not relevant (I know that is the case for normal NAS)?
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    720p does not mean "720 x 304" 720p is "1240 x 720"
  10. Mabsey

    Digital Bill

    From the Joy of Tech and Mac OS Ken. Both were friends of Bill, so they wouldn't be doing this as a joke. http://www.geekculture.com/joyoftech/ http://macosken.com/
  11. Mabsey

    Digital Bill

    I've just read some really sad news, Bill Douthett (a.k.a. Digital Bill from the Wizards of Technology) has passed away. I used to love Bill's podcasts. Podcasting really is a medium where you, as a listener, feel like you have a personal one-to-one relationship with the podcaster. I feel so upset by this news and my wholehearted and deepest sympathy goes to Bill's family and friends.
  12. Mabsey

    Star Wars IV in Terminal

    I know some newbies out there won't know this but Terminal also has games on it. Three I know of are: tetris pong dunnet (a text adventure game) To access, Open terminal type emacs then press escape + X ( at the same time) then type tetris or instead of tetris, type: pong or dunnet
  13. Mabsey

    Star Wars IV in Terminal

    I've just been shown this on another forum: Open Terminal and type... telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl ...to watch Star Wars Episode IV in it's entirety in ASCii characters! I'd seen the "film" via a website before but I never knew it was available this way...Cool!! :shock:
  14. Mabsey

    Virus Software

    Still no need to panic and have anti virus on your Mac (unless running Windows on your Mac!) but if you want that warm and fuzzy feeling of having something run on your Mac, I recommend ClamXav. It's free (which is always a nice price!) and has a real-time protection function included. No reason to pay for software that's not really doing much - so why give Norton or McAfee your money?
  15. Mabsey

    Should I Wait for Merom?

    I don't currently have a Mac laptop and hate having to share my wife's really heavy HP laptop. I have read that the new Intel processor, codenamed "Merom" will be out either Q3 or Q4 this year as a prelude to the 2007 Santa Rosa technology. I have a few questions that I'm hoping the experts out there can help answer: 1) Does the expected performance of Merom (and reduction in heat!) warrant me waiting for it to replace the current Intel Core Duo? 2) I have read that it should be possible to replace the Core Duo with the Merom processor (if using the Napa Refresh platform). Are the current MacBook Pros capable of having their processors changed? 3) Would the expense of swapping processors outweigh any benefits in performance?