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  1. Thanks for the reply. I Just want to confirm that you are using all of the latest software versions in your macs and the airport extreme base station?
  2. So when Snow Leopard was released it was widely talked about that it broke wireless Time Machine backups via AEBS and attached harddrive that were woking with 10.5. For this very reason I avoided upgrading to Snow Leopard. Well it's been many months now and I'm feeling the need to upgrade. A lot of newer apps require 10.6 (like the just announced FaceTime for Mac.) I just spent an hour or so googling and I couldn't find any newer info most of the talk was around this time last year. So my question is, is it still broken? Or are any of you running 10.6 + AEBS + external drive for wireless Time Machine successfully? I would really like to avoid shelling out the $ for a Time Capsule. -EJ
  3. Seijornec

    I'm getting sick of the negativity

    I totally agree. People need to chill out. Nobody's making them buy it, so if it lacks features they don't want don't buy it. Too many haters out there. -EJ
  4. I hope it's okay to post this here. No offense to Adam. I've been listening to Mac Cast for several years now. I spend a lot of time talking about movies and Apple related topics with friends, family and coworkers so I decided to start a blog. Instead of regurgitating opinions I thought it would be good to document them. coregeek Here's my twitter feed for updates if anyone prefers it. follow on twitter Thanks, -EJ
  5. Seijornec


    I completely agree. This is a very smart product for Apple. It leverages the already hugely successful App Store which makes thousands of Apps and Games available at launch, add the bookstore/reader and this is a great consumer product. It is still not a traditional tablet computer which is what most die hard macheads seemed to be hoping for. Not Apple's fault they promised us nothing. Hype will always let you down. Here's the best and what I believe to be the most accurate iPad opinion I've read over the past few days: From flyosity.com "I'm a power user; a professional software designer and developer. I use computers (specifically, Macs running Mac OS X) to do my job and I'm guessing that most of you are in the same boat. Most people are not power users, they mainly consume content using their computer rather than produce it. When they produce content it's more casual: posting to Twitter, updating Facebook, writing personal blog entries and notes, uploading photos. Their personal computer usage may include the following: Chatting with friends Sending and receiving email Listening to music Watching videos Playing games Browsing the web The iPad excels at almost all of those things. Some of those tasks can be done at the same time on the iPad (or using the same application) but some cannot, so building multitasking into the iPad seems like the logical way to fully duplicate how most people use their personal computers at the moment. Most people who attended the iPad unveiling and are now writing about the iPad are misunderstanding its intended audience because they're not in it. Some smart folks — who happen to also be power users — see the iPad's potential and are trying to convince everyone else. This will certainly take some time, just like there are still iPhone doubters even after Apple sold 40 million of them. The market for potential iPad users is tremendous, possibly larger than the iPhone's market. There are millions of PC users who are dissatisfied with their virus-ridden, clunky computers who just want it to work better for the simple things they do every day. They might want a MacBook knowing that it's easier to use, but the thousand-dollar price point scares them off. But wait! For $500 less they can own a piece of Apple technology that lets them do almost everything they currently do in a form-factor that's more convenient, mobile and beautiful. This is the iPad's intended audience. People who have a PC and use 10% of its features and software 90% of the time. People like my Mom & Dad who browse the web, read news, send email and watch videos. People like my cousin Jenny who chats with friends, uses Facebook and uploads photos. Regular folks. Consumers. People who use computers to stay informed, connected and entertained. There are also many people not in the iPad's intended audience who want one, myself included. We'd use it as a secondary computing device; a casual, home-browsing entertainment piece. The iPad is perfect for this." -EJ
  6. Seijornec

    MacBook Pro 2.2, 200GB hd

    Still have this? How big is the harddrive? -EJ
  7. Seijornec

    Nintendo DS Lite & Accessories

    This has been seldom used (adult owned) and is in perfect working condition. It has had decal girl skins and screen protectors from day one and is in excellent cosmetic condition. The skin is called carbon fiber. Comes with travel case, large retractable stylus, charger and two games: Frogger-Helmet Chaos and Uno/Skipbo. Battery life is excellent too. Asking $100 shipping included. -EJ
  8. Seijornec

    Original iPod Nano - Black 4GB

    In very good condition. Has had Invisible Shield protector on it from the time I took out out of the box. Any dents and scratches visible are in the invisible Shield and not the ipod its self. The only damage to the actual ipod is one very small dent on top front. It's so small it was difficult to photograph. It's circled with a red line in the close up photo. It works perfectly and battery life is normal. I'll throw in an Extreme Mac airplay 2 FM transmitter which goes for $35 or so. $65 shipping included -EJ
  9. Seijornec

    Inexpensive recovery software?? Any suggestions?

    Yup. Funny thing is I'm usually the guy who is telling everyone to do so. The video files I lost were relatively new (got a new camera about a month ago) and I had them in a folder on my desktop. Last week I saw that folder and I thought I really should back it up. I got sidetracked and didn't get back to it. Anyway I'm still not sure what happened to the folder. I surely would not have deleted it and I've never had one just disappear. So now I'm using FileSalvage and it's found about half of the files so far. I'm running an embedded file search now and it's taking a long time but so far so good. -EJ
  10. I lost (deleted, or disappeared) some family video files on my mac that I did not have backed up. I downloaded a trail of Boomerang and it appears to have found most of them. Problem is they want $200 to run the recovery (to buy the license). Anyone know of a decent restore program that is $100 or less or even better free that would do the same? -EJ
  11. My mom has a 5 mo. old 20" iMac. OS is up to date but she hasn't installed the newer firmware release. Here's what she wrote to me today: "the screen started turning gray from the top to bottom, and everything we had open was inhibited. A little alarm sounded and that darn message started flashing on the screen again, and the alarm wouldn't stop, I finally had to just turn it off again with the button on the back of the screen. " I know this isn't much to go on but she said this has happend several times in the past week. Any guesses? -EJ
  12. Seijornec

    Elgato EyeTV Hybrid TV tuner w/EyeTV Software

    Already Sold. Sorry.
  13. Seijornec

    10.4 to 10.5 file sharing issues...

    Well, I tried it but it had the same problem. On a hunch I tried "allow all connections" in the firewall settings on the iMac (Leopard). That worked I was able to share as normal. So apparently there is a setting I need to change that will allow me to connect but also allow me to continue to use my firewall? -EJ
  14. I have an iMac running 10.5 and a Mac Mini running 10.4. I can file share fine from the iMac to the Mini but when I try to do the reverse (Mini to the iMac) I cannot get a connection. When I select GO> Network >iMac the connecting... dialogue box shows but it spins forever with the message "looking for server". Not sure what the deal is. It worked fine when both machines were running 10.4. I've looked for new settings in 10.5 that maybe needed to be switched/activated but haven't found anything? Any thoughts? -EJ