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  1. rimclean

    Apple Period

    For me it works when I open Mail ( Version 2.0.5 (746/746.2)) click New to start a new message and type the first few letters and then hit Escape. For example Hel{ESC} brings up Hell, Hellcat ......... I heard it doesn't work if replying to a mail. You have to start a new one.
  2. rimclean

    Apple Period

    I cannot tell if you are being sarcastic. You don't type "apple." you use the Apple Key sometimes called Command key next to the space bar and hit period. It also works if you hit Escape.
  3. rimclean

    ITunes is putting spyware on Windows.

    Spybot identified itunes as spyware!! I call Shenanigans. Can you post a screenshot? Wow! Talk about your all time backfires. Apologies for doubting you. What are the resolution options? Does it suggest removing iTunes?
  4. rimclean

    ITunes is putting spyware on Windows.

    Spybot identified itunes as spyware!! I call Shenanigans. Can you post a screenshot?
  5. rimclean

    Missing Sync SD card desktop mounting problems

    Not sure if this will help but you can probably still drop files onto your SD card using the 'Send to Palm' droplet and selecting the SD card. That is the only help I can offer I am afraid. I have a Palm TX but not Missing Sync. You could also use 'Documents to go'... but if you specifically want to mount the card (which from your post it seems that is what you are trying to do) I am afraid I cannot help.
  6. rimclean

    Question Marks over apps

    I have seen that when the application or file is no longer in the location it used to be. For example if I have a file from my wife's idisk on my dock and I am not connected to her idisk I get the question mark. What happens when you click them?
  7. rimclean

    iLife '06 IRL - Had issues

    I can answer that! On my Powerbook G4 it didn't ask me anything about what kind of binary I wanted to install. To be honest I think that question would confuse most users and is probably best left unasked for the majority of people. Russell[/i]
  8. rimclean

    iPhoto sharing help required

    You could export them as a Quicktime, copy that to the Guest Home folder and have her use that. You could just copy the relevant photos to the Guest Home directory and load them in to iPhoto, then delete when you are finished. You could publish them to .mac with a password and she could do a slide show if she has an Internet connection. I think the photocasting feature in iLife 06 might meet your requirements also. Hope that helps Russell
  9. rimclean


    Did he move them from the default folders? http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...183242
  10. rimclean

    Bought iLife a month ago, now HUGE iLife Upgrade

    Try wineing to apple. They will eventualy give in. No they won't. What would be in it for them? Nothing. Good customer relationship. Potentially a new .Mac user. A post on the Maccast forum saying how great they are.... On the other hand a month maybe too long. If it was a few days then I think there would be a better chance of an upgrade
  11. rimclean

    Safari spelling

    Doh!. Pretty obvious if I had taken 2 seconds to look for it. Thanks for the help. Russell
  12. rimclean

    Safari spelling

    Hi, Adam mentioned that he likes to use Safari for it's spell check features while posting to forums. Can anyone tell me how to enable this? I am not getting spell check features as I type this message. Russell