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  2. marstoni

    Ergonomic mouse & keyboard

    I'm using the Microsoft wireless explorer setup and it works quite well. It has the comfort keyboard (not 100% ergonomic) and the wireless explorer mouse. The better option if I could do it over (because it wasn't out when I bought this one) is the Microsoft 4000 series ergonomic keyboard and bundled with their 1000 series laser mouse, that is a full ergonomic keyboard but it is wired. The next one I get will probably be wired as sometimes this wireless keyboard drops keystrokes.
  3. marstoni

    Hard Drive Mirror

    I would recommend R.A.I.D as well, I have it setup and working for me nicely in my current workspace configuration. I used Apple's Disk Utility and it worked like a charm. I have 2 x 250GB external firewire harddrives that I'm mirroring and I suspect it can work similar with your internal. It that doesn't work too well for you I can also recommend carbon copy cloner or super duper to make clone images of your HD to apply to an external storage source but this solution takes more management effort of course. Hope this helps some, good luck.
  4. I think the .Mac solution is the best bet too. No you don't need a separate account for your wife either, use the same one. I recently implemented this as a solution for a client who wanted to do ical and addressbook collaboration and syncing, it worked perfectly. You can set it up in your .mac prefs (on both machines) to sync the addressbook. That way you have the exact same addresses and you both can edit/add/delete them. To view the calendar its as easy as publishing it to your .mac account. You can then view it via the URL. If you want to take it a step further (as I setup for my clients), in your .Mac prefs set it up on both computers to sync your ical calendars too. Then you'll be able to view her calendar from your ican, edit it and make changes to it. I hope this helps some, good luck.
  5. marstoni

    Dead 12" Powerbook Superdrive?

    Hey all, I just wanted to say I fixed it! In case anyone in the future has this problem and comes across this thread heres what I did. I found a post in the Apple discussion boards and there was a tip from someone who had the same issue and they shutdown the computer for a short while and then rebooted and it worked for them. So I completely shut down, unplugged everything including power, took out the battery and let it sit overnight. (They recommended 4-5min but I let it sit anyway). Then in the morning I rebooted and heard a weird sound with the DVD drive so I knew it was working. When it started completely it was accepting and burning DVD's again. Thanks for the tip Rob! Heres a link to that Apple discussions thread: http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?m...1465463#1465463
  6. Hey all, I'm having an issue, just today my powerbook superdrive just...well, DISAPPEARED! It was working perfectly fine up until today. I tried to burn a toast CD and it said that no recorder was found. I check system profiler and it said no drive was detected and to check the "power connections". When you try to put a disc in it does nothing, usually half way inserting you hear the drive pick up and it sucks the disk in right? You can put it in all the way and nothing happens, it just slightly pops back out. Is my drive dead? I zapped the PRAM about 5 times in a row, no good. If anyone has heard of this please let me know if there is anything else I can try to do to bring it back to life lol. I would bring it to an apple store but my warrenty is about a few months over and I'm in Holland where there aren't any official apple store. Anyways, thanks for any help