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  1. sleepingmac

    is this something i should worry about?

    here is a link to the image on drop box https://www.dropbox.com/s/9stexe5x3y0ivik/Screen%20Shot%202015-03-05%20at%2012.59.55%20PM.png?dl=0 and i don't think its the xbox because i unplugged the xbox and its still there in the finder sidebar
  2. sleepingmac

    is this something i should worry about?

    well i ran little snitch and set it to show local network traffic. honestly I'm not really sure what to look for here. i didn't see the cs20 network thats in my finder sidebar show up anywhere in little snitch.. so my two major questions still exist. what is this cs20 network and is it malicious or anything i need to worry about?
  3. sleepingmac

    is this something i should worry about?

    the name in the finder is just cs20 (see above image) i couldn't get any more info from it than that. maybe i will give little snitch a try and see if i can get any more info on the network
  4. sleepingmac

    is this something i should worry about?

    I'm going to guess that its a shared network because my network is password protected and the only things connected to it are my macbook pro, iPhone and xbox. should i turn my firewall on? is it normal for other nearby networks to show up like this on my computer?
  5. a new network has popped up in my finder sidebar in the "shared" section. i have no idea what/who this is or if its something i should worry about or if i can get rid of it or is it harmless? i changed the password on my wireless network and its still there.
  6. sleepingmac


    anyone else having issues with icloud and safari bookmark sync? specifically it not working. and why cant i see and manage bookmarks from icloud.com?
  7. sleepingmac

    Migrating without Migration Assistant

    ok thanks. i may not do this for a few days as I'm still in the "cleaning the crap off your old system" phase. but ill post here if i run into any issues as i make the switch over to Lion.
  8. sleepingmac

    Migrating without Migration Assistant

    if you have an external drive that is an exact clone of your internal drive... then why would you physically swap them?
  9. sleepingmac

    Migrating without Migration Assistant

    hmm ok, i will listen again and take notes with Circus Ponies NoteBook. thanks
  10. I'm thinking about doing a clean install of snow leopard and upgrade to tiger as Adam has done. I listened to the maccast members episode where Adam describes in detail how he did it. He said he did not use Migration Assistant at all. I am guessing that he transferred over his iCal & Address book data using MobileMe sync. What is the easiest way to bring back my iCal & Address book data without using migration assistant OR MobileMe? (i don't have MobileMe)
  11. sleepingmac

    gifting iphone apps

    you can now gift apps in itunes !!! WOOT!
  12. sleepingmac

    usb wifi (mac compatable)

    thanks guys i ended up buying a refurbished D-link wireless G USB 2.0 adapter 802.11g on amazon for about $15. supposedly, mac drivers are available for it.
  13. sleepingmac

    usb wifi (mac compatable)

    Can anyone recommend a decent cheap usb wifi stick thats compatible with mac?
  14. sleepingmac

    iphoto sort by file size?

    worked great. thanks Graham
  15. sleepingmac

    iphoto sort by file size?

    my iphoto library is growing larger and i wanted to see what photos were the largest, is there a way to sort photos by file size in iphoto??