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  1. vtmaestro

    Cloning Hard Drive before Vista Install

    Thanks for your suggestions, I will try both the two free products that you guys mentioned. Armand
  2. vtmaestro

    Should I get a Macbook?

    Get the macbook....you'll love it! Good luck at school!
  3. Hi, I'm looking to find a program for OSX that will copy/clone all the partitions on my intel mac mini hard drive. I'm going to install Vista through boot camp and have found out that I will need to delete the EFI (around 200 meg) partition. I believe deleting this parition will not allow me to delete the windows parition through boot camp as well as install the lastest firmware upgrades in OSX. I'll propably go back to XP once I get bored with fooling around with vista and would like to go back to my previous hard drive set up. Any ideas? Thanks, Armand :roll:
  4. vtmaestro

    No firewire on any of my macs since 10.4.6

    I got my mac mini back today from Small Dog (my closest authorized service repair shop). They replaced the logic board !!! 2 day turnaround, I'm pretty pleased. Glad my mac is still under warranty. I'm having the same problem with my powerbook G4 1.5 (no firewire). I will also bring this to Small dog for repair. Armand
  5. vtmaestro

    No firewire on any of my macs since 10.4.6

    reinstall did not fix things...Applecare told me to bring it to the nearest authorized repair shop. If they can't fix it will I get a new mini? Armand
  6. vtmaestro

    No firewire on any of my macs since 10.4.6

    Found this post: http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?...ssageID=2147214 I will try an OS archive re-install. Armand
  7. Hi I don't know if any of you guy have experienced this, but I cannot get external fire wire devices to work since I installed OS 10.4.6. I have a mac mini-intel, Power Mac G5 and an eMac. I've tried resetting the pram and have also left the computers unplugged for 15 or 20 minutes to clear any power fom the firewire bus. Any ideas? Armand
  8. vtmaestro

    .mac and server information?

    Hi, I forgot to memtion that my school shut down all FTP fuctions for security measures. Does iWeb use ftp? Armand
  9. vtmaestro

    .mac and server information?

    Hi, I can access both the internet using safarit and my iDisk through my school's network. We use a proxy server ( with ports 80:80
  10. vtmaestro

    .mac and server information?

    Hi, I work at a public high school in Vermont and cannot connect to my .mac account when trying to publish pages through iWeb using the one click publish button. I've talked to my I.T. guy and he suspects it has something to do with our firewall settings. He is willing to open up the firewall for me but does not know what ports to open for this connection. Does anyone know how publishing to .mac works? What is the server information? Does this process use a FTP protocol? Thanks. Armand
  11. vtmaestro

    Installing memory in New Intel Mac MINI

    Thanks the video was great!!! Armand
  12. HI, Today, I picked up a new dual core Mac Mini from small dog. I would like to install more memory myself, but the guys at the store said if I did this my warranty would become void. Is this true? I'm pretty computer savy and can do the work myself as well as save money on memory. Has any one had their warrantys void? Thanks Armand
  13. vtmaestro

    01/05/06 Wrong Show Show Date

    Adam, I noticed in your last show you announced the wrong year at the beginning of the podcast, "Maccast January 5th 2005." Not to be picky but I just wanted to let you know for the next show. Love the show, it's my favorite podcast!!! Armand