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  1. kiffallen


    Can we add a Digg link for the podcast? they have a new Podcast section....
  2. kiffallen

    Hiding Folders

    Abracadabra Magic Hat Widget http://www.apple.com/downloads/dashboard/n...bracadabra.html works from me hides things from Front Row, spotlight, so on... password protected simple and pretty, IMO
  3. kiffallen

    Macbook Firmware Update

    I've heard this and posted it elsewhere: Holding power button at startup = throttled chip speed clean install adjusted all connectivity, battery length, power mgmt, rss ... etc. automatically transfering data from PPC to Intel on first start-up screws power mgmt & Firmware. since...no issues besides .Mac angst!!!
  4. kiffallen

    Battery Life Problems

    curiousity has me... did it improve? have you tried a clean install to see if it is your battery or just settings? [clean install did it for me. increased bat. performance by 2x. (1:20 hrs to 3+)] just a thought-
  5. kiffallen

    Automated Signal Switching

    so... should I take this to mean it can't be done? is everyone on vacation? usually a much faster response time and solution here. hmmm anyhelp, folks?
  6. kiffallen

    Automated Signal Switching

    Anyone know how to find, seek, write a script/workkflow that will allow me to help the other mac users in my office? As we slowly absorb the 50% Steve says are coming into our fold, I am one of the few mac folks already here, and somehow I am expeted to help with the transition... so... to avoid all the complaints I get about "why do I have to click that, too" and "what do you mean I have to change signals to access this other device..." I am looking to find a workaround or something to automate all of our lives... oh, to have a script or folder action that will automatically change a user's WiFi connection [say, from signal AA to BB] once a symlink is clicked so their mac's can actually see the drive(s) they are trying to open [again, folks like signal AA or BB but want resources that are actually networked to signal CC or DD or what have you... and they don't know better) ... can I help the new Mac user just click once and learn the skill at a later point? anyone help here? MAAAAAAAAAATTTTTT. where are you? thanks all- kiffallen NYCOB
  7. "you gotta lick it, before you stick it." funny. of all the posts in there, this one seems to have some seriously invested people commenting. I mean, really, could this question be topped? I'm just waiting for someone to tell us their laptop fell off the ladder they were using, into a vat of peanut butter, and they now can't decide if they should take a bite. ... remember that commercial? anyhow, thanks for the laughs
  8. kiffallen

    (not-so) Good MacIntel Vibrations

    alright! my boys will be happy to know they have a future, just not in Alaska.
  9. Is there such a thing as a Good Vibration when it comes to our macs? Makes me wonder, everything I touch the new macbooks, I get this really wierd numbing sensse to my hands, like the drives hum, or shimmy in their housing more than in the past. Is there any reality to this? Am I just making it up? Could anyone else at least confirm/deny this little quirk of mine? also... anyone want to remind me if laptops were confirmed to be bad for a person's lap? Just thinking that the thinner we go, with currrent drive tech, the more vibes we'll be getting. in the process, the vibes are bringing back the age old question, "Should I really have this electronic device so close to my (add your sexual organs here) ?" thanks all
  10. I've heard of this, and then did it myself. I pressed return while having "Library" selected in iTunes... and mistakenly erased the name. I can't seem to get the process to replace the blankness with anything. Please help. where are my macGods?
  11. kiffallen

    New iTunes & AirTunes feature

    Google the term "airtunes itunes 6.0.2", sadly it looks like even mp3.com knows about it. I still appreciate the find though. Thanks. you know.. that makes four stupid things I did this week. you've seen two of them. bah! thanks again Matt-
  12. kiffallen

    New iTunes & AirTunes feature

    You know, I have an Airtunes... and I still need it badly!!! oh wait... silly me. well, thanks for the thought, Matt. Lets see what others think. Again, I am not one to say I'm all too geeky, but I try. Wonder if anyone else has noticed this though... can you ask?
  13. kiffallen

    New iTunes & AirTunes feature

    If you've updated to 6.0.2 and have an Airtunes Express, check-out the button you used to use to swith to remote speakers. The new button will allow you to play through multiple speakers, which you select in a toggle interface. When playing through multiple speakers, however, volume control seems to be per device. [or not controled by your iTunes] You can regain volume control, from your iTunes, once reverting to one speaker-set at a time. let me know what you think, or if this is an old feature.... as I'd like to know how long it actually took me to figure this out! thanks folks.
  14. Cheers fellow mac geeks. I'm starting to think I have been seeing a window re-sizing issue since updating to 10.4.4 in both iChat & Safari. This may simply be an issue with my system and how ever it is that I am configured. However, it sure is something. Heres what happens: It seems to happen after pressing the green window resize button and then draging the bttm rt. corner. The window does not react in realtime; after dropping to "new size", the original window blinks to white, then suddenly blinks as the larger size and page contents. This is the process for both apps. hmmm what is this?