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  1. mfkne-backup


    It looks as though the SGH-T629 is currently not supported by iSync. Neither do there seem to be any third-party plugins. What would never work, however, is transferring music through iSync.
  2. mfkne-backup

    HP LaserJet 5L

    My 6L works fine and has always been doing so. After a few years it would indeed start dragging multiple pages through the ADF, but HP used to offer a free paper separator kit which one would have to insert into the ADF. And ever since it's been a happy puppy.
  3. mfkne-backup

    HP LaserJet 5L

    I'm sorry I can't help you on the adapter cable, but I know for sure that a networked print server will work. That's the setup I have running (with the Laserjet 6L, though).
  4. mfkne-backup

    Getting the ipod serial number from iTunes

    Apple has a few tips: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=60978#one Are you using iTunes 6 or 7?
  5. mfkne-backup

    mac mini overheating

    Try to suck out some dust from the rear vent using a vaccuum cleaner, I found the fan in my Mini to be somewhat dusty. If you're really, and I mean really, brave, you might try to open the case and perform some more thorough cleaning inside.
  6. mfkne-backup

    Mail from my Mac

    It's a workaround but it does the job: Open Terminal.app, type cd ~ to make sure you're in your home directory. Then, substituting your email address, type: echo "your-email@gmail.com">.forward This will create the .forward file that the local mail system evaluates when new mail arrives. It will automatically forward local mail to the email address specified. To test it, simply send yourself an email using the unix mail command. If you're familiar with unix, you should know how to do that, I guess.
  7. mfkne-backup

    Macbook Firmware Update

    I don't know if this is caused by the firmware update, but my Macbook suddenly shut down two days ago and only would power up after removing the battery. It does not seem to be the RSS issue since I've had it run at high load without any power loss for an extended amount of time.
  8. mfkne-backup

    Excluding Calendars from Syncing with .Mac

    Thanks very much - you've hit the nail on the head. It's too embarassing I didn't get to think of cron, given I've been using Linux for years
  9. Hey there, I have several iCal calendars, one of which only serves the purpose of automatically starting a program at a given time. I also have a .Mac account and use it to synchronise my calendars with .Mac and my second Mac. As expected, the calendar that only runs the program is also synced, which leads to a problem on the second Mac, since the program to be run is not installed (and cannot be installed on that Mac either). I get a nasty popup message every day saying that the scheduled run of the program failed. So, is there any way I can exclude a specific calendar from syncing to .Mac? Cheers in advance, -Christian
  10. mfkne-backup

    Hard Disk recommendations sought

    Hey guys, has anyone got any tips as to which hard drive I could replace my Macbook's current 60GB drive with? What I'm looking for in size is about 160 GB - or even 200 if it's reasonably priced. Oh, and it should be as silent as the one currently built in and also running at 5400 rpm. I've found two by Toshiba and one by Seagate, but the Seagate one isn't out yet.
  11. mfkne-backup

    iSync and K800i

    I got my plugin for the K610i at http://mobile.feisar.com/phone_plugins_23.html where they also have one for the K800i.
  12. mfkne-backup

    possible email problems at switch time

    Do you have any chance of getting an IMAP-enabled eMail account? You don't have to switch to an IMAP account entirely (although IMAP is the best way to handle eMail,IMHO) but for transferring eMail from your PC to your Mac it's probably best. All you would have to do is add the IMAP account in The Bat, move all mail over to that account by dragging and dropping mails there and then, in Apple's Mail (or Thunderbird or whatever programm you'll be using) set up that IMAP account and your mails will be there already. BTW: Whereabouts in Pembrokeshire exactly?
  13. mfkne-backup

    Is there any way to send SMS text messages from a Mac?

    There is quite a straightforward way to do this. This requires a bluetooth enabled handset, however. Just register that phone with OSX's bluetooth component (i.e. add it in "Bluetooth" in System Preferences). Then, in Addressbook, click that button that has the bluetooth symbol on it. It should be illuminated in blue shortly after that. Then, select any contact that has a mobile number and right click on that number. Select "Send SMS message to that number". This should work - you may have to install a proper plugin, however. Christian
  14. mfkne-backup

    iLife question

    If it came pre-installed on your Mac and you use the CD/DVD that came with it for installation, then you will also get Front Row back.
  15. mfkne-backup

    RE: Full Date in Menu Bar

    Hey Adam, I just found out that changing the display of the clock in the menu bar to the full date (or whatever format) also affects iCal. This means that every event listed in iCal will also appear in a different format. Usually it's displayed like that: "11:00 Event Description". When changing the clock display to another format, the format in iCal will be changed: "Tue, Oct 17, 11:00 Event Description". That's IMHO undesirable since it adds redundant information (namely the day of week and date). Anyway, the tip was great. -Christian