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  1. This is a very unexpected error. A friend sent me his web gallery link and Safari is not able to open the page. An error message appears: "This browser is incompatible with .Mac Web Gallery. We support the following browsers: Mac OS X Safari 2.0 or later (requires Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later) Firefox 1.5 or later" Now that is very unexpected because I'm using OS X 10.5.1 and Safari 3.0.4. Wouldn't you know that I can launch it just fine using Firefox. I don't want to use Firefox and thought I would be able to use an Apple product (Safari) to actually open Apple technology (web gallery). This is the only issue I've experienced after Leopard upgrade and the most annoying. I've provided Safari Bug feedback, but I don't expect a response. I'm looking for someone out there to help me through this issue. Otherwise, I hope Apple is listening. Don't give me a reason to switch back to FireFox.
  2. I posted this on the apple discussions and it was resolved. I rebuilt my thumbnails and repaired permissions. Strange how upgrading corrupted my albums.
  3. I upgraded to leopard and first was required to reset my AppleTv to factory setting because the AppleTV only would stream content. Now that I've reset to factory settings, I can sync all content except my iPhoto 08 Library. My Library is recognized in itunes and when I check several boxes (albums) that I want to sync, I get the AppleTV warning message and the photos do not sync. I wonder if there is a bug with the iphoto events and AppleTV does not know what to do. Any help out there from other ilife 2008, Leopard, and AppleTV owners? This is the only issue I've experienced thus far after my upgrade.
  4. bytwo

    Video iChat with non .mac users

    Thanks for the input and the time!
  5. Anyone out there have any thoughts on this situation I'm trying to assist someone with? My home network setup: DSL hookup from phone company Speedstream modem connected to Linksys WRT54G router PC running Windows XP wired to router Macbook Pro wireless to router The situation: Using my .mac account with iChat, I can text and video chat with other Apple users. I can text and video chat with you (another .mac address) as well as the "test buddy" appleu3test01 (an AIM address). I can text with other PC users that have AIM accounts, however I can not video chat with other AIM users regardless of the AIM version they are using (5.9 or Triton). I have been randomly successful with the audio chat. The problem: When I invite a PC user to a video chat or I receive an invite for a video chat I receive an error that I did not respond. If I then check the error log I see Error 8. Fixes I've tried: Because I am using a router I had the Mac firewall turned off, however I have tried it with and without the Mac firewall turned on. I have also tried it with the firewall on and opened the ports for iChat as suggested in the forums and the Apple Doc 93208. I also tried opening the ports on my router, but because I didn't really know what I was doing I screwed up my internet connection and had to work with the help desk of my phone company for two hours to get it reset. I don't really want to try that again. I did check that UPnP was enabled on my router. I have the bandwidth limit set to 1mps which matches my download speed. I have turned the firewall off and on in the PC and that did not make a difference. I have not tried a video chat while the Mac was WIRED to the modem. Since I can video chat wirelessly to you, I didn't see the point. I have installed all software updates.
  6. Thanks for the additional insight and thoughts. I've also started email various 3rd party tech-support about their 802.11n express cards. Here was my first reply from D-Link who has one, but no OSX drivers: Date of Reply: 4/5/2007 Products: DWA-643 Operating System: Mac OS 10.4 Jonathan, at the moment, there aren't any drivers for the Mac. Should you require further assistance with your D-Link products, please reply to this message, or call toll free at 877-453-5465.
  7. Thanks for your input. Do those repair places, in your experience, usually install these hack as well? (I'm sure it's up to those individual places). I guess I'm trying to see if there is a "non-technical/hack/void the warrantee" solution.
  8. I'm trying to get my hands around any options, for us early adopters who bought Macbook Pro Core Duo's, around 802.11n options via ExpressCard slot. It sounds like the only two options at this point would be to: 1. open up the machine and install (via hack) a n-card. As I've read on several posts and from an earlier maccast, this is possible. Seems kind of pointless for the general user if the only way I could get a card is to buy a new machine. 2. Buy a new machine. Again, don't have $2000 lying around. So my question is, what about 3rd party Express Card options (dell, belkin, linksys, etc..). Does anyone have any experience with these and if they work with the new airport extreme? thanks
  9. bytwo

    How Vista Didn't Copy OSX?!?

    If you have not seen or read this article, now is your chance to start your day of right! It reminds us all of why we own a Mac. http://video.on.nytimes.com/?fr_story=d146...a4991&rf=bm enjoy
  10. From time to time I take short digital movie clips on my Sony Cybershot rather than using my video camera. Sometimes, it is just easier to carry one device to capture my 15month olds adventures. When I connect my camera to iPhoto, my movies are imported as well. I also know that I can add movies to iTunes, iMovie, or just leave them in a movie folder of my creation. What is anyone's opinion, thought, suggestion on managing MOV files from digital cameras. I'd love to hear of any great organizational tips or useful suggestions.
  11. bytwo

    Problem Trasferring from iPhoto

    I wanted to share the same trouble. Must be a bug with iTunes/iPod photo transfer. If an Album is set to PhotoCast in iPhoto, the Album does not show up in the iTunes/iPod preferences. I confirmed by removing the PhotoCast from one of my Albums and it appeared immediately in iTunes/iPod Preferences. Interesting.
  12. Anyone know if there is a way to create a hyperlink in a web page that when clicked by the user will open their iChat or AIM software? thanks Jonathan
  13. bytwo

    iWeb Custom Templates

    "Day of Longboarding"--that's all great, but hopefully Apple will allow us to modify and/or create our own templates. What is the point of having this simple to use iWeb Software if you have to customize from scratch each new page (or new entry). for example, every new blog entry has the Apple's pre-defined font, pictures, and layout. Let the user create their own and save it as a template of their own. Does anyone have a work a round ... other than exporting to a folder and working in a different HTML editor...kind of defeats the purpose of iWeb.
  14. bytwo

    iWed in iLife 06

    I played around with publishing to .MAC and publishing to a folder (I have my own web server). A few early observations: 1. publishing to .mac has the most convenient features (eg, smart publishing only modified files) versus publishing to a folder (entire site). I hope that future releases allow "smart" publishing features to folders other than .mac 2. performance: my web server appears to be much faster than .mac. I've noticed better performance when graphics and .mov files play. I wonder what type of bandwidth Apple has set aside for the millions of people that will be flocking to .mac with the new iweb features. Anyhow...we'll see over the long term if this improves 3. customization: I haven't played around too much with the customization, but so far so good. I'm going to see how difficult it is to modify the code that is generated with iWeb if I want to customize items. for example, inserting ASP code within a iWeb created page. note: I've see a few posts of people saying their text turns into .png. I haven't experienced this. I wonder why some are experiencing this and others are not.
  15. bytwo

    iTunes will not Quit

    Thanks...we'll see what I can find.