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    Monitoring gateway Traffic?

    Thank you. Maybe I was too specific in referring to the router - and maybe surplus meter will do the task. The general question I guess was how do I monitor traffic. At the modem? Or at the router? Or as you suggest , on each machine? Each machine seems laborious but if it is the only way....... Thanks again. GJ
  2. Graham Johnson

    Monitoring gateway Traffic?

    I am looking for help in how I can monitor (and report hourly/daily and maybe monthly) the traffic coming through my gateway router to Macs on my wired and unwired network. I need to carefully monitor the download/upload volumes during a day and (if possible) which Mac on the network in uploading/downloading. Background is that too often I get near the monthly download/upload limits very early without understanding who is causing most of that activity. Any help would be appreciated. Graham J Melbourne, Australia