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  1. dlacher

    PB wiggs out the sort dies

    Tim, Thanks for the update. I was going to head the Apple store this weekend and see if they could diag it and then get it fixed up. I am hoping for a $300'ish price tag insetad of a $1400+ price tag for a new system. dl
  2. dlacher

    PB wiggs out the sort dies

    So here is the deal. I have a 15" Ti PB that is just over three years old. Two days ago I was working away and the screen goes nuts so reach down and power it off. I power it back up and all seems fine. I quickly get a full system backup done and work away for the day. A few hours later the screen goes nuts again, so I reach down and power it off. Now I am starting to get freaked that the PB is dead. I attempt to power it up again, for a second the hard drive spins up and then the machine powers itself off. By the screen going nuts I mean that there were thousands of horizontal and vertical lines flashing all over and random colored pixels jumping about. If I would have been a child of the 60's I would have thought the glory days were back. Anyways. So I pull the power cord and the batter and toss it on the second desk. Two days later I just happen to wonder what the heck, I poped the battery in and the bloody thing powers up. Okay. So what the heck is going on with the system and is the machine just ready to die or is it a simple fix. If is makes any difference I have a Nu Power Tech battery in the system. Which I have had in it now for two months without seeing these issues. Help and thanks in advance for any advise.
  3. dlacher

    Titanium Powerbook won't power on--Help?!

    Since you have nothing but time, remove the battery, unplug the power cord, and let it sit for 24 hours... okay it will take a lot less than that I am sure but I was having an issue with my 15" Ti PB not powering up. I had it all ready to part it out and sell of the pieces and then I through the battery in one last time, hit the power button and it fired right up.
  4. dlacher

    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    I finally found the software that I was looking for, I am sure if Adam was using it but I thought at one time he was. Feeder: http://reinventedsoftware.com/feeder/ dl
  5. dlacher

    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Adam, What is the feed generator that you are using. I am going to start up a podcast and I don't care to hand code the rss feed. Thanks for the great Mac show. dl