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  1. I had no problem paying and downloading the software, iTunes had my iPod Touch backed up without any problem either. But it just wouldn't install the freaking software. I kept getting this error message "An unknown error occurred (6)". The 2.0 software would actually start installing, but the error 6 msg will pop up sometimes quite early, say about 1/3 done on the progress bar and sometimes 1/2 done. The most I got one time was about 3/5 done. What does this mean? I don't know. I lost count how many times I tried this and i am very frustrated. This is what I found on the support page regarding what to do with an error 6 and many other errors (2, 6, 9, -18, -48, -50, 1002, 1011, 1601, 1602, 1603, 1604, 1608, 1609, 1611, 2003, 2004, -9808). http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1275#iTunes_current Anyone encountering the same problem, pls check out the support article and try going through the steps Apple suggested there, see if it will fix the problem cause I went through every single one of them (except using a windows machine) and none of them worked. I have also posted this on Apple discussion as well. There are quite a few people responded to having the same issue. http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?t...5&tstart=15 Any suggestion would help...
  2. johnson

    iTunes not showing my iPhoto7.1 Events

    Someone from the Apple discussion forum said Albums work. I haven't tried it yet since there is something wrong with my new ipod touch. Everytime I connect to a wifi network or use safari, the screen just kinda 'locked'. It doesn't respond to my touch at all. Then I left it alone and tried again the next day, it'll work again until I use safari or connect to a wifi network. I tried restoring the software but it's the same. I took it back hoping I could get a new one since the problem occurred after only a day of using the device. But then this is Hong Kong I am talking about and there is no Apple store here, only authorized dealers. Nothing like 'no question asked, they just replace the problematic one with a brand new one for me right away' will never happen here (you guys are so lucky!). I will get a replacement eventually, that is if Apple authorized customer support here couldn't fix it after they have taken a look at it. I am still waiting and it's been 4 days now. God knows how much longer I have to wait. I am not happy! Wouldn't you be?! Apple Apple Apple...! your quality control is really going downhill. ps_The same thing happened to me before with my nike+ device. It didn't work straight out of the box and I had to take it in the next day...
  3. johnson

    iTunes not showing my iPhoto7.1 Events

    Thanks Graham. That's too bad. Let's hope Apple will add this in soon!
  4. hi, I just bought the ipod touch and want to sync some of my photos which I have organized in my iPhoto 7.1 through iTunes. However, the only options I see in iTunes under the photo tab are 'Last 12 Months' and 'Last Import'. It doesn't appear to be possible to just sync certain events from iPhoto in iTunes, is this the case or there is something I need to do in order for the events to show up in iTunes? Pls give me a hand. Thanks. one more thing, how can i read the lyrics in the touch like I used to be able to with my nano? It would be a shame if this function doesn't work with the touch. Still, i am loving my new ipod!!! Update : my ipod touch is not working only after a day of using it, I wonder how many people have the same problem. Pls see below for details.
  5. as describe in the title, i don't understand why my Finder just quit unexpectedly every time... I simply select an avi file that I shot with my Canon IXUS700 digicam; the same thing happened when I try to import those files into iMovie08 (it quits when I was navigating through the directory, trying to locate a file and it quits once i got to the folder which holds the movie files) or iPhoto08 (it quits when I was importing straight from the camera, it quits whenever the import process reach a movie file). Does it mean that iMovie08 or iPhoto08 doesn't support avi files? what kind of movie format(s) should I use? I assume this is a compatibility problem... or is it something else? could someone (anyone) at least give me a hint... (I posted this question on the Apple Discussion Board with no response ) Thanks in advance. j
  6. I am sorry, but could you be more specific, or maybe a step by step instruction would be very helpful. Thanks! As far as I know, font book is for managing fonts in the system, organizing them and turning them on/off for use in different apps. I looked through font book but couldn't find anything that controls the fonts for the file / folder name which I expected to be placed somewhere in system preferences (as least OS 9 was... as far as I remember). j
  7. Please note : I would like to know whether I could change the system display font for FILE NAMES / FOLDER NAMES, not in general or while in various apps. my mac is set in English, but it display Chinese characters as well since I am in Hong Kong, some of my files are in Chinese. The thing is that this default Chinese font is really ugly and I reeeeeeeeally need to change it for my eyes' sake. pls help!!! iMac C2D, Tiger 10.4.9, Thanks in advance!
  8. Boy! I feel spoiled... What more can I say except Thanks a million!
  9. Many many thanks for the help and the suggestion. I will check it out.
  10. Hmmm... I suppose you don't remember where you read that, eh?! Thanks for the tip anyway.
  11. Thanks for the advice, joshr. I will try that!
  12. Actually, I tried skype and Windows Live Messenger, but they only 1 on 1...
  13. Plssss... any suggestion??? I am trying to find something that will do video conferencing with more than 2 parties. I heard on the MacCast (or MacCast Loop) that iChat supports such function. Anyone try that with success? My 2 sisters are pc users and I am a mac user. Will if work if i use iChat with them using the AIM Pro? Any advice or suggestion would be greatly appreciated . j
  14. hi, anyone have a copy of the freeware idress that you can send me cause I just could not find a working link since the company that created it closed down. I have been looking for a software that could help me manage my mailing list, I tried Excel but my version does not support Traditional Chinese, weird things just keep poping up every time I tried typing in Chinese. I ended up using Address Book, I have no problem with the Chinese characters, but the label printing options is just so limited that I could only print the name and the address. I searched the web and I came across the freeware idress which should give me more options in printing labels, but i just couldn't find a downlaod link that works. Any one has a copy or other suggestion. Much appreciated if anyone could give me hand. Thanks a bunch! johnson dodidonedesignlab, Hong Kong[/b]