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  1. I was having some minor issues with GB '08 and I was hoping the new GB '09 would help it out a bit. It's actually gotten much worse. When I launch GB '09, within a minute it's running as slow as molasses. If I try to use the amp/stompbox modeler, all it does is flicker. I have posted a video to show what happens when i click on a stompbox: http://www.jameskocsis.com/ScreenCap006.mov Weird, right? • I am running this on a PowerMac G5 Quad w/ 8.5GB RAM (so processing power and ram shouldn't be an issue). • I made sure my sound settings are set to the standard I/O (not iSight or USB speakers). I did this in both System Prefs and GB Prefs. • I made sure that my Audio/Midi utility's sound settings were correct. • I made sure that no other audio apps are running. • I deleted GB along with any associated files from my user and system libraries. • I reinstalled GB • I zapped PRAM • I verified and repaired permissions Any suggestions before I reinstall my OS and iLife '09 again? Thanks guys and gals!
  2. James "Psy" K

    Weird Text Issue, system-wide

    I gave Onyx a try but it didn't work. I'll just reinstall. I'm having more severe issues with my Mac than just this text thing. Thanks again for your help.
  3. James "Psy" K

    Weird Text Issue, system-wide

    I've tried all of that. I'm in denial of the inevitable re-install. I've been migrating my data up through the upgrades since system 7. There is so much old junk that I just need to get rid of. Thanks for replying!
  4. James "Psy" K

    Weird Text Issue, system-wide

    I'm finding that some of my Apple apps and Widgets are not displaying text correctly. Somehow the baseline has been shifted up. I have had this issue since Tiger and I am now running Leopard. Has anyone ever heard of this? It's really weird. Here are some examples: http://img.skitch.com/20080709-nqwxfi6psq8...34ycpij6g5j.jpg http://img.skitch.com/20080709-rya2h98xpqx...q2eu3f9w33h.jpg http://img.skitch.com/20080709-fpq39txw73g...1ic16efnmc3.jpg Thanks!
  5. James "Psy" K

    Leopard Welcome Movie

    I was out of the room when my install finished and missed the welcome intro movie when the machine rebooted. Does anybody know where it is located? Thanks.
  6. James "Psy" K

    Mac won't stay shut down

    Whenever I shut down my Mac, it boots up again automatically without me doing anything (hence automatically). I have checked all of the Energy Saver prefs under all accounts and there are NO scheduled start-ups. I'm assuming that another app has a preference set to automatically start the machine but I, for the life of me, can't figure out which app that could be. It's really frustrating when I shut my Mac down (which is in my bedroom) for the night and then it boots up with the chimes blaring out of my speakers. It nearly makes me fall out of bed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. James "Psy" K

    PowerMac G5 Fans

    My boss's G5 has the weirdest issue. Whenever he visits a site with Flash (even one with only a small flash banner ad) or plays a QT movie, his fans rev up to full speed and don't calm down until after the file is done playing or the site with the Flash is closed in the browser. This is really frustrating when we're trying to watch video since he keeps his tower on his desk (don't ask me why) and it drowns out the audio coming from the speakers that sit beside the tower. I have zapped the PRAM, repaired permissions and reset the PMU multiple times. None of this helps. Plus our IT dept. is stumped. Any ideas? Thanks guys and gals!!
  8. James "Psy" K

    Target Disk Mode - Please help!!

    Looks like I'll be getting a new router so that I can get the G4 shared over the network instead of doing it as a Target Disk. Thanks for the replies.
  9. James "Psy" K

    Target Disk Mode - Please help!!

    I'd like to set up my old G4 as a file server (actually more like an enormous external FireWire drive). I have 3 drives in it right now, 1 startup vol & 2 slave vols. I will be adding one more drive once I find my lost drive plate thing that holds the drive and slides into the G4 (lemme know if you know where to get one of those). I can start the G4 in Target Disk Mode and it mounts fine on my G5 that it's connected to. The problem is that the other volumes in the G4 (both with jumpers set to slave) do not mount. Is it possible to get the other vols to mount? Should the jumpers be set differently? Thanks for any replies!! -James
  10. James "Psy" K

    Skitch Invites... who want's them?

    PM me w/ your email address if you're interested.
  11. James "Psy" K

    video playback

    Turn Mirroring on.
  12. James "Psy" K

    Icons as Buttons

    Does anyone know if there is a way to have Desktop icons show as buttons that require a single click to open? This was an OS 9 feature that I loved (I may be the only one). Any suggestions would be awsome. Thanx!!
  13. James "Psy" K

    Hidden running applications?

    I know you can do that with Quicksilver as an option in the QS prefs. There must be a way. Anyone?
  14. James "Psy" K

    scheduling apps to quit

    Cool man, I'm glad it worked out for you. Compiling the script beforehand sorta checks it for you and formats it in a way that allows you to see the different commands that make up the script. Pressing the Run button does the same thing in addition to executing the script. You should start checking out Automator and AppleScript. I'm just getting into them and can't believe what's possible. There are a few Automator tips on the MacBreak video podcast that are very basic. Also check out www.automator.us For AppleScript info, visit www.macscripter.net There is a really good beginners tutorial on that site. Do a search for "AppleScript Tutorial for Beginners" and click on "AppleScript Tutorial for Beginners I - Getting Started & Script Editor" (it came up as number 17 in my search results). Hope that helps. I also posted another tutorial on Automator and setting keyboard shortcuts at: http://podfeet.com/wordpress/?page_id=116 Maybe you'll have some use for this. Enjoy!
  15. James "Psy" K

    scheduling apps to quit

    Use Apple script. Open the script Editor (Applications/AppleScript/Script Editor) Copy and paste this into the editor (leave out the number signs): ######################### tell application "Your App" quit end tell ######################### Replace Your App with the EXACT name of the app you want to quit. Test it by opening the app you want to quit (if it's not open yet), and then running the script. If it works, save the script. Then set an iCal event that accesses the script you just created via the alarm option. That should do it! Hope it works as this is the extent of my AppleScript knowledge.