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    My Podcasting Setup (updated)

    Adam, Interesting, for one of my podcasts I am using the Samson C01U as my "desk" mic, while you are using it for your travel mic. I would use it for all 3 of my podcasts, but two of them have co-hosts who skype in, and Skype for the mac blows chunks and does not allow control of the AGC. So using certain usb mics like the C01U, the input volume slider keeps jumping up until it's at full volume. You can imagine what that does to the noise levels. I *REALLY* hope Skype fixes the problem when they finally get us up to a current standard with the OS X version of the program. Cheers, Scott
  2. RadarOnPaws

    White pages widget

    Re: a comment in the recent podcast about the whitepages widget (which I assume is the "People" widget), if you look up someone's ph. and address and click the address link, it uses the http://www.daplus.us/ website (Directory Assistance Plus) so I assume that's where it's getting all its phone numbers from.