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    I recently made the switch to a new 17" macbook pro and love it! I set up bootcamp with parallels desktop so I could still use all the widows software I own. What I did was partition my Macintosh HD (320GB) into two drives. One that is approx. 200GB for Mac OS formatted Mac OS Extended (journaled) and the other as 100 GB NTFS widows drive. I'd like to store my working files or documents on the larger Mac drive and still be able to access the information from both systems. I have Adobe CS 4, Microsoft Office professional 2003 with 2007 MS-Office update, Autodesk Revit 2009, 2010, Autodesk Architecture 2009 2010, running on the windows side and Iwork09, Ilife09, and few other mac programs on the mac side. So far I've used approx 30GB on the Windows partition and 100GB on the MacOS Partition. I've imported my photos into Iphoto which takes about 16GB and started to play with IMovie until I ran into space issues. (BTW where do my photos go when I import them? can I only access them thru IPhoto?) Questions: Does this sound like a good set-up? If I use something like MacDrive should I be able to open and save from my widows partition to the mac partition? In IPhoto, where do all my photos go? can I access them from my widows Partition? Can TimeMachine be set-up to back-up both partitions? I have various external HD, what would be the best format for them to be accessed from both partitions? Anyway, my questions are a little jumbled, but maybe you can gather the jist of my intentions. Thanks Tim