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    How to have iPod overwrite iTunes

    Thanks for the links to these programs. I'll discuss this with my local independent Apple store where I just bought a new MacBook 2.0. I just hadn't switched over yet from the Dell.
  2. I've just made a big mistake. I had 50 or so podcasts from www.Aero-News.net in my iTunes library. Unfortunately last night I deleted the whole subscription series by deleting the title line. I clicked on "Restore" in the Recycle bin, but all that happened was I lost them all and none were reinstalled in iTunes. I'm running iTunes in WIN XP on a Dell PC and I have a 160Mb iPod Classic. Is there any way to force the iPod to overwite my iTunes library instead of vice-versa? Otherwise, I will loose all my Aero-News.net podcasts when I do my next synchronization. I've tried to re-subscribe but there are only 8 podcasts still available for downloading. All the rest are still archived on the web site and I can easily play them, but I want them back on my iPod. Thanks.