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  1. I am having problems with video iChat that I am very puzzled about. Assume three people, call them person A (me), person B, and person C. (All using iChat on Macs) I am unable to successfully video iChat with person B, regardless of whether A (me) or B initiates the chat. (get various error responses ... usually "communication error" ... but sometimes "failed to respond, etc) Note: A & B CAN video chat if we use Skype or Google ... it just doesn't work with video iChat. Text and audio works fine with iChat. Here's where it gets really weird ... A or B can connect with C using iChat, bit ONLY if C initiates the chat. C can even initiate a multi-person video chat, and bring in both A & B. In other words, although A & B can not video ichat directly with each other, they can chat if person C initiates the chats. This makes absolutely no sense to me. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. These are some of the things I have tried ... none of which has helped. I (person A) have two macs (iMac & MacBook) and get same result from both machines. I have done a complete clean install on one of my Macs (for a different reason). I have tried with a different iChat account. I have disconnected my Airport Extreme router and connected directly to the modem. -Odey