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    I don't know what to do

    I have a PowerBook G4 Titanium and it has had 2 kernel panics, my screen has odd lines and patches go dark on it when i move it and lately it has crashed and completely restarted when i was playing RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. I have tried the hardware test but it gives me an error code and says i have OS 9.1 classic installed and need to upgrade to 9.2?? I am currently running Mac OSX 10.4. HELP!!!!!!!!
  2. 752317

    random downloads

    I have a PowerBook G4 Titanium and lately it has had 2 kernel crashes and now when i open a new webpage, it doesn't matter which one, actually one just started as i am writing this. I have noticed that they are all terminal command shells they do say that they were unable to open and they all say Desktop.x the x can be any number. what is this, is it a virus or what. thanks so much for the help!
  3. 752317

    OS X quits unexpectedly

    thanks a ton you were mentioned on the last Maccast you deserved ur the best.
  4. 752317

    OS X quits unexpectedly

    the screen turned gray and told me i needed to restart. then when it restarted it said that "Mac OS X Tiger has quit unexpectedly send report\cancel" when i hit report some of the stuff said master kernel fail or something like that.
  5. 752317

    OS X quits unexpectedly

    today OS X tiger quit on me after i quit safari. does anyone have possible causes or speculations, is this a sign that my PowerBood G4 Titanium is too old? if so how do i fix it without buying a new computer (im only 12)?
  6. I have a PoweBook G4 Titanium and the system requirements for iMovie say it needs a G5. And I'm a kid so I don't have any money to upgrade to a new mac.
  7. Hi I was wondering if anybody had a recomendation for free video editing software that runs on power pc and tiger thanks.
  8. 752317

    Mactopia redone

    http://myappleinformer.wordpress.com Copy and Past link.
  9. I switched about two years ago from a custom windows machine, that took 45 minutes to boot, don't get me started on how long it took to load yahoo.com, I got my PowerBook G4 Titanium so that i could program my robots and so far has become the best computer i've ever used!! I also love the mac community where as there wasn't ever a windows "community" or at least not on that i was aware of at the time.
  10. 752317

    Powerbook G4 outer shell

    does any one know where i could find a replacement shell for my powerbook for relatively cheap?
  11. 752317


    I have a blog, it's really cool and i'd like you to check it out, it has all the latest mac news from all the major sources. http://mymactopia.blogspot.com/