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  1. Bready29645

    iPhone tethering

  2. Bready29645

    iPhone tethering

    So does anyone think that with the iPad announcement that AT&T will allow tethering on the iPhone around the same time as the iPad roll out? You would think that they before they'd allow a new (iPad) Apple device connection to the network, they'd fulfill all the promises for the previous device (iPhone).
  3. Bready29645

    VMware Fusion and USB Tablet

    Thanks. I got it working. I hadn't enabled that particular USB device in Fusion. Once I did that, I uninstalled the software/drivers and reinstalled and it now works fine. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Bready29645

    VMware Fusion and USB Tablet

    I'm a new switcher who has just installed VMware Fusion on my new 13" MBPro. I wish I didn't have to run Windoz but I have several machine embroidery software programs that will accept nothing less . So I have installed the software (VM and embroidery) with no issues. I actually found it very easy to install. The software programs have a security hasp and it was recognized (found new hardware) as soon as it was plugged into the USB. One of the parts of the software uses a USB Wacom tablet. When I plugged the tablet in while in the Win side, the normal "new hardware found" notification did not appear. The small tablet light does shine. I installed the drivers and associated software anyway. The pen and tablet function (kinda) but it is not orientated properly to the screen. When I tap on the tablet properties (that installed w/ the drivers) to try and adjust anything, I get a tablet not found/installed notification. Is there something else I need to do in Fusion to recognize the tablet? Or might this be a Windows (XP Home) issue? Any/all guidance is really appreciated!
  5. Bready29645

    Notes sync?

    OK, what I found is that the initial note has to be started in the Mail application. Once there, it seems to sync both ways. However all the notes that are on my iPhone do not sync to Mail. I guess I'll have to email them to me so that I can initiate them in Mail. Changes after that sync both ways but it's the notes I have on my iPhone that have never been on Mail before that are the issue. I can live the work around. Thanks for you help!
  6. Bready29645

    Notes sync?

    Great! I'll try that tonight when I get home. Thx!
  7. Bready29645

    Notes sync?

    I thought the new update was suppose to sync your notes? I have an iMac 20" Intel running 10.5.7. Just updated my iPhone to 3.0. Notes "say" they are syncing but don't show up in my mailbox (AppleMail). I did a test and created a new note in Mail. Didn't show up and it's checked to show in Mailbox in Prefs. I restarted. Check preferences. Then when I synced by iPhone, it showed up there. So obviously it's there somewhere, but not showing up. Anyone got a fix? Just tried searching in Spotlight on the iMac. It finds the synced (and opens) the synced notes in Mail!!! But they still don't show up. Weird!!