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  1. geoff

    iTunes 5.0

    I'm having a problem similar to marcjali's. I run Windows XP, and iTunes won't run. I've tried reinstalling it a couple times, but it doesn't work...
  2. geoff

    ipod error

    I also have a similar problem. I run iTunes on Windows, and the iPod update always works when I first plug in my iPod Mini. However, even if I leave it in the dock after that, I can't update it anymore and I get a -36 error. Any ideas?
  3. geoff

    Are you getting a new Mac system?

    "What is a Mac"... the perfect question on a poll in a Mac Forum
  4. geoff


    Yup, I got the same thing :shock:
  5. geoff


    Same, I have 50 invites. Just email me at gklitt (at) "Google's mail service".com (Note: I write the address like that so I won't get spam)
  6. Oooo Apple keyring However, I think it was made before the Shuffle came out, because it talks about the iPod Flash.
  7. Yup, I guess a primary switching reason is that Windows is frustrating. At least Apple does everything...elegantly
  8. geoff

    Printer sharing on Windows network

    I would disagree. We have Mac and PCs in my office and they are working very well together. All of our file and print servers are Windows servers and we have hundreds of Macs accessing and using those everyday without a hitch. I have heard many success stories such as yours where Macs and PCs work seamlessly together. However, as in this case, there are also times when the two don't work very well together. Regardless whether this specific issue is a PC or Mac issue, it's still a problem with networking PCs and Macs. :wink:
  9. geoff

    Bookmarkable AAC Files

    However, bookmarkable AAC could be a little annoying for normal tracks.
  10. geoff

    Networkable Recording Device

    Aren't there cameras specifically made for conferences?
  11. geoff

    Printer sharing on Windows network

    I agree with Adam- this seems like a PC problem. Macs and PCs don't go well together on networks, and this is another case of that. I would suggest reinstalling drivers for both the PC and Mac. Perhaps it is a driver incompatibility between OS X and PC version (although I doubt it) :wink:
  12. I have heard many stories like this, of people using different personal systems than work systems. I have even heard that some Microsoft programmers use Linux! :shock: