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  1. I recently installed stumble upon, and it automaticly installed it's own toolbar. In addition, it deleted my firefox toolbar (the one that I use hundreds of times a day to go to my bookmarks). I can not figure out how to remove the SU toolbar, or even how to get my old one back. I would much rather just use shortcut keys to stumble and rate. I absolutly do not want their app cloging up my browsers window. Also, I can move the SU toolbar to the 'private' toolbar, in which case my bookmarks re-appear in the same toolbar. But it dissapears if I close that window and open a new one. Any ideas on how I can bring an end to this madness? Thanks
  2. Givedark

    Finder Windows

    when I use the 'icon only' view for finder, it constantly shifts the focus away from the pane I am currently viewing and shows me the pane with the file information. I do not want it to do this; I need to be able to see which files are in the folder I am viewing, and I do not care about the info of the file I currently have selected. If I want to see this, I can manually scroll over. This problem is especially anoying when I am typing in the name of a file that I am renaming, because Finder will exit out and move the pane over before I am done typing. As a result, only the first couple letters of the name actulaly get entered, and I have to re-enter the name; very fustrating. The problem can sometimes be fixed if I resize the window so that it is much wider and takes up the entire screen, but I do not want to do this. So how can I get finder to stay focused on the panel I am currently viewing, and not move to the right all on its own? (I am using Leopard)
  3. How can I change the favicon that is displayed to the left of the search bar in firefox? All I can find is how to change it in my bookmarks list, but that is obviously not enough. I also want to be able to have the favicon that is displayed in the tab change to.
  4. How do I stop receiving an email every time someone types a new post on this site? I get dozens of these a day, and they are very annoying. Even though my spam filter catches them, they still clutter up my trash. I have searched in vain on this website for the settings, but to no avail.
  5. Givedark

    Excel View Page Break

    I am using Excel 2008 and need to make the default be to not show page breaks. I know how to open preferences, go to view, and uncheck the show pagebreaks button. But I do not want to do this countless times. How to I get this to happen automaticly when I open a document?
  6. How do I rip only the desired chapters in MTR? When I use the chapter extraction feature the resulting file is unplayable because the folder does not contain the ISO and BUF files.