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  1. Rowlie

    Is Siri going away?

    I just started the Siri app on my iPhone 4 and got a message implying that it would no longer work after October 19th. It has worked fine on my phone for more than a year. I'm disappointed that I'd have to buy a new phone to keep the same functionality. This is the first time I can remember that an Apple upgrade is removing substantial functionality from my device. Drag.
  2. Rowlie

    Flash on the Maccast website?

    I was surprised to see that Flash player is required to play podcasts directly from the site. Any plans to change that?
  3. Rowlie

    Missing features.

    I am surprised Apple didn't make all of it's apps run natively on the iPad, especially iDisk. I assume they want to really do it right, so I imagine they're still developing in.
  4. Rowlie

    iPad Movies - Streaming and Heat

    I just watched a 2 hour netflix movie and it didn't heat up at all. I only lost about 15% of the charge.
  5. Rowlie

    Suggestions for full-time Adam

    I'd love to see you do a show about how to deal with the "down the nose" look I always get from our company's IT support. They seem to know nothing about Macs and I usually end up having to solve any problems myself. My issues have typically had to do with Exchange support and the inconsistencies between Outlook on the PC and Entourage on the Mac. Fortunately, I haven't had a lot of issues and your forum has been helpful in researching the solutions, but there seems to be some sort of tech geek hierarchy which puts me somewhere well beneath their "standards". Is there some way I can get them to be less scared or change their perspective? I'm an architect, and our industry standard software AutoCAD and ReVit doesn't work on Macs. My role as principal of the firm doesn't require me to use that software, so I can use whatever machine I choose. I was anxious to get back to a Mac once I found out that it would run Google Sketchup without any glitches (I used macs all through college and grad school). It's a great machine and should be the standard in the world of Architecture. Unfortunately, the PC won the battle at a critical time. Thanks.
  6. Rowlie

    Magic Mouse

    Adam- I just listened to your recent update to your thoughts on the Magic Mouse. I was initially frustrated by it's inability to use the squeeze and center button click of my old Mighty Mouse until I downloaded the MagicPrefs software. Like you, I found the way it comes configured out of the box leads to distracting clicks and inadvertent operations, but I turned everything off and just added a 3 finger click to emulate the old squeeze and the tap of the tail to emulate the old center button click. Everything's working great now and I don't miss my old Mighty Mouse at all (especially cleaning the ball and the unreliable right clicks). Thanks for going full-time. I look forward to seeing what you do with the show.
  7. Rowlie

    i. TV

    Does anyone know what happened to this app? It has been one of my favorite apps, but just stopped working shortly after the last update. I can't find it on the app store anymore, either. Does it still work for anyone?
  8. Rowlie

    Can't find printer with 10.6

    That did it! Thanks.
  9. I have a Canon MP980 printer connected wirelessly to my Time Capsule home network along with an older HP2125. It worked fine pre-upgrade, but now only shows up as a scanner, not a printer. The HP works fine. According to Apple's site, the MP980 is a supported printer under 10.6. Any ideas of what I can do to get it back as a printer?
  10. Rowlie

    iPhone Backup size and location

    I have been using a trusty old bubbleback iMac (circa 2001, inherited from my father-in-law) to sync my ipods and iPhone. It's slow without usb 2.0, but I have located my iTunes library on an eithernet connected 500gb TimeCapsule and can typically start the sync and go to bed. This has worked fine for me for the last two years, but I just upgraded to a 32 gb 3GS and am now getting out of disk space errors. The iMac only has a 20 gb hard drive and I'm assuming the backup iTunes makes of my phone is filling it up and therefore limiting what I can put on my iPhone. I have two questions then: How do I confirm that the backup is the memory hog? Is there a way to have iTunes put the backup file on the TimeCapsule instead of its own hard drive? I'd like to try to keep this old iMac going until the next iMacs come out with Snow Leopard. Any advice is greatly appreciated.