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  1. Tobin Anthony

    Maccast Podcast showing up empty on Podcasts app

    Thanks for the recreate. I have no problem subscribing to the Enhanced edition of iTunes. However, I'm having trouble subscribing to the Member edition. I apologize for not making that clear in the original post. I subscribe to the Member's edition in iTunes on my Mac and it shows up on my iPhone - but with no episodes and nothing in the feed. This seems new to iOS 8. Keep in mind that the Member's edition is not in the iTunes podcast catalog and is available via a special feed. Thanks again.
  2. I am a Maccast member and subscribe to the podcast feed via iTunes. I can listen to the podcast easily on my Mac. However, in my Podcasts app, I recently noticed that the Maccast Feed is empty. I cannot see any new episodes and I cannot even see the feed (past episodes). I have synced the iPhone to my iTunes using a USB cable (normally wifi) but the situation is unchanged. This probably happened around the time I upgraded my iPhone 4s to iOS 8 so there may well be a tie-in. Is anyone else seeing behavior like this? Thanks in advance
  3. Tobin Anthony

    Wake on Demand for Pre-Snow Leopard Mac OS X

    Possible - but it's an older iMac and it goes unused for 12-18 hrs a day. I could use the wattage.
  4. I have a PowerPC-based iMac that I use to serve a printer. However, when the computer goes to sleep, the printer is not accessible. I have to go to the other room and nudge the mouse to wake the iMac and allow it to serve the printer. I know I can get hook the printer to my network (and I'll probably do that eventually) but I'm looking for a software solution to wake this printer when a job comes at it. I know that Snow Leopard has a wake on demand feature that would wake the computer when a print job is coming its way. However, as it's older iMac, I can't load Snow Leopard. Is there a third-party solution that would fix this? Thanks.
  5. Tobin Anthony

    Time Machine and NAS

    Okay, this has taken me many hours and I still can't fix it. Here's my problem. I have been using Time Machine to back up three of my computers to a DNS-323 network attached storage drive. For months, I've been doing this with a Netgear router and using the sparsebundle images that are suggested throughout this discussion area. However, on the same day last week, I got a new MacBook Pro (fully updated to latest software) and an Airport Extreme Base Station. The backups for the three original computers still work fine with the AEBS but I cannot, for the life of me, get the new MacBook Pro backup to work through Time Machine. The backup starts preparing but I guess the dreaded "Backup disc image could not be created" message after about a minute of chugging. I have troubleshooted the following: 1. took out all spaces and punctuation out of the computer name in the 'Sharing' preference tab and the sparsebundle image name (although my other backups all have spaces and apostrophe's in their names - ignorance is bliss I guess) 2. made sure ethernet address is same in MBP and sparsebundle image name 3. made sure I've got proper r/w access to the sparsebundle image after I've moved it over to my NAS 4. I got rid of the sparsebundle image entirely off of the NAS and received the same error message. I know this error msg pops up if there's a disconnect between the computer name and the sparesimage name but my computer name is 'MacBookPro' and my sparsebundle image name is 'MacBookProxxxxxxxxxx.sparsebundle" which I created with Disk Utility (as I did with my other three images (xxxxxxxxxx is my ethernet address). I'm fresh out of ideas and would greatly appreciate any help anyone could provide. Thanks in advance