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  1. pieman

    Sticker residue on exterior of clamshell iBook

    humble nail varnish remover works very well. trust me experience speaking
  2. pieman

    my boot camo woahs

    i no i no should have proof read it, been a long day this problem just wont go away. tried the return key like suggested no buttons on the keyboard are responding. i try f3 to quit nothing i try r to repair nothing i don't understand this.
  3. pieman

    my boot camo woahs

    hello there all my interprid travellors, been a long time since i posted anything been really busy i guess life sometimes gets in the way go figure. i have a really unusual problem recently i've been trying to install windowsxp on to my mac for colege study purposes and something very weird happens. i run boot camp it partions my disc quite successfully i insert my windows xp disc then click the install windows button at which ponts my mac restarts and proceeds to run the windows xp installer. so everything's ok but when it comes to clicking enter to install nothing happens. am i the only person to have this problem can you help me i reallyneed xp up and running soon. thank you i am currently running a macbook 2.0 ghz in white and i just typed this on said keyboard so i know theres no problems there. thank you again
  4. pieman

    So when does it happen?

    i think that virus's on apple computers are a long time away because they have to learn to program in apples program code. it has one down side tough because apples operating system is based on unix alll the open source guys know how to program for apple but if they release a virus for apple they also risk infecting linux aswell. most virus programmers have a love of linux like we have a love of apple. in my opinion the iphone looks like a more promising target all the information stored on that thing a hacker could have a field day. credit card detail email addresses phishing credit card details from itunes or amazon. virus on the mac will happen but in terms of spyware there are more promising targets out there.
  5. pieman

    Rather Macs Be Less Common?

    vista is more secure because they restricted access tot the register. which is like the worst idea in terms of software ever. i live in the uk and macs over here in this country are still in there infancy they may take off but not anytime soon. they are considerably more expensive than pcs in the great nation that i chose to inhabit. so mass market is not coming anytime soon. anything that Douglas Adams uses i feel should have some exclusivity because if apple gain to much market share then macs stop losing that thing that makes the special. look at the ipod when was the last time you brought out your ipod and someone turned and said wow you have a ipod.
  6. i have recently just upgraded to leopard and after several hours upgrading all the applications to there newest versions. i thought waiting for a couple of months to upgrade would mean that all the problems have been taken care off. but alas all my wishful thinking was not to be. i have recently just found that now my ipod touch will no longer sync with my apple macbook. has anybody else experience these problems does anyone have a solution i really don't want to reset my ipod in case it still fails to sync and i end up with an even more useless ipod. thank you in advance
  7. pieman

    my airport express woahs

    i have just recently just brought a airport extreme and a western digital external harddrive. ok so heres the problem i want my hardrive to appear wirelessly on my network so that all my computers can access it. thank you for your help
  8. pieman

    New Airport Extreme

    bad news unfortunately due to Microsoft unwaivering want to alienate all mac users i recently read that the airport express and the xbox 360s are not compatible. sorry but you could always try a wired a connection.
  9. pieman

    macbook video out problems

    thanks for all your help i think the problem is that im using the s video out.
  10. having trouble with my video out im mirrioring the image on to my television. heres the problem every time i close the lid on my macbook the computer goes to sleep is there anyway to stop this happening. thank you
  11. pieman

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    im not too sure about getting the new touch i understand that they are very fragile and im very heavy handed, things like that cameras mp3 players dont last very long with me so im not to sure.
  12. pieman

    Why would you want a Mac Tablet?

    its simple where all tech geeks and its something for us to play with and something for us to show off with. other than that there really isnt any point imop. they are great for taking notes but any kind of long term use is impossible, ergonomically speaking they are very uncomfortable to use because of the way you have to use them. they'll crete a generation of hunchbacks. yet despite all my misgivens i still want one i just cant help it
  13. pieman

    What kind of iPod do you have?

    i started out with a the original ipod shuffle which i hated with a passion. i replaced this with the rio carbon 5 gig i love this that was until i very drunken night where i dropped it(although that wasnt an ipod. i then got the 5 gen ipod 30 gig had that for ages never failed. then just before apple brought out the updated ipod out my parents brought me the 80 gb 5.5 ipod. this does not work correctly so im getting my money back and getting an ipod touch o the joy.
  14. hello there intrepid traveler i come to you with a quite complexing problem. it seems that i am unable to get my ipod video to dispolay videos on my television. can anyone help me with this i am using a third party composite cable that came with my digital camera but i dont see why there is an issue. i am getting sound but no picture. is there some hidden setting i have to turn on for it to work. thank you in advance pieman
  15. pieman

    american macbook

    my brother is going to america in the summer traveling (getting pissed with his studie m8s) and i was just wondering if i get him to buy me a macbook/pro will there be any problems swap the power cables for a brithish one. i dont wan him to get me 1 then have it blow up with no way to repair it. hopefully some1 out here will have some experience wiht this i thank u in advance. mood miserable( damn hay fever) time 14.32 friday morning.