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  1. rstroud

    MBP 1.83 Ghz CD

    I'm selling my MBP because I require something a bit smaller to carry back and forth to work. 1.83 Ghz Intel Core Duo 2GB Ram 320GB Seagate 7200RPM 16mb Buffer Hard Disk (recently upgraded) ATI Radeon X1600 128mb graphics Airport Extreme 802.11a/b/g wireless Bluetooth 2.0+EDR SuperDrive iSight Camera 10.5 Leopard Comes with following: Tiger 10.4 restore disks Leopard Install DVD (Will be installed) iLife '08 DVD Sandisk Expresscard Card Reader AppleCare till April 2009 (Can provide serial number if needed to verify) Timbuk2 Quilted Laptop Sleeve Original Box Please make an offer. It does have some cosmetic blemishes that are typical of the age. I'll be happy to email you pictures. I'm located in Indianapolis. Thanks for looking!
  2. I have an extra copy of Office:Mac 2004 laying around. I believe you receive three licenses, so you should be good to install on three Macs. $85 shipped or best offer
  3. I haven't posted here forever, but I figured since I still lurk, I'd add this: iPod Nano 4GB White. Still works well, just haven't used it in a while. Comes with dock cable, dock adaptor, velvety "case" that has never been used, headphones, and original box with receipt. I will include a car charger for $5 more! $80 Shipped OBO 1st Gen iPod shuffle 512mb , still works fine. Don't use it anymore and it collects dust. Make an offer... PM Me for pics
  4. rstroud

    MacBook Pro trashed by Apple Repair Centre

    I have sent mine in twice to be repaired and they did an okay job (the first time they didn't fix anything.) My bezel warped in the exact same place, but not as badly as yours. I feel for you...
  5. rstroud

    LInux on OldWorld Mac

    Yellow Dog Linux may install on an OW Rom Mac...you may have to use an older version. Yellow Dog's interface is very nice!
  6. rstroud

    File Transfer with RAZR

    Yeah, that's kinda scary. The funny thing is, they're the ones that actually admit it...think about all the companies that do collect your information and don't tell you. Verizon has also been accused of giving information to the NSA. And technically, when your information is exchanged with ATT servers, it can be collected in the same way regardless of your ISP. Here is SBC/ATT's Privacy policy: http://www.sbc.com/Uverse/files/privacy_policy.html
  7. rstroud

    File Transfer with RAZR

    Oops, my bad. Verizon does not support OB-EX (Object exchange). The earlier RAZRs from Verizon supposedly shipped with OB-EX enabled, but it was locked down after that. One of the many reasons I am no longer a Verizon customer.
  8. rstroud

    File Transfer with RAZR

    Click on the bluetooth icon in the menu bar and hit "send file." It's that simple.
  9. You may upgrade the RAM if you wish it will not void your warranty as it is a user servicable part. But I'm not sure about the hard drive.
  10. rstroud

    Looking for a New Wireless Router

    http://www.dlink.com/products/category.asp...sp?cid=38&sec=0 It's listed under their Apple/Mac page. It looks nice and D-Link should support it.
  11. rstroud

    Sent in my MBP to be worked on...

    I'd love to do that, but I'm not opening up my MBP. If you tilt it at an angle, it will definitely get worse. I'm getting it worked on because it gets loud when it heats up.
  12. rstroud

    Sent in my MBP to be worked on...

    I guess it would be considered AppleCare. Since it's still under warranty it's all covered. It'll be shipped off again tomorrow.
  13. And it's not fixed! I sent in my MBP because of a fan noise in the back that sounds like someone is taking a playing card and running it through bicycle spokes. It gets worse as you tilt it. So I called Apple and talked to a nice young woman who asked if I was having any other problems. I said heat was an issue as well. So, I sent it in on Thursday, and it was fixed on Friday..got it back today and they had replaced the inverter board because they noticed a whining noise, and two temp sensors. Frustrated, I called Apple again and the tech on the phone was really funny. I was talking to him and he said "Oh yeah, I hear that. I don't know how they missed it...I can hear it and it's right here in the notes." The guy was really nice and walked me through some steps to diagnose any other troubles. It helps when you are nice and understanding about what's going on, but at the same time are firm. So, it's going back in tomorrow, we'll see if it gets fixed. I hope to have it back before the weekend as I'll be out of town after that.
  14. rstroud

    language removal application

    http://monolingual.sourceforge.net/ It takes a while, but it beats reinstalling everything.
  15. rstroud

    recording skype call

    http://www.rogueamoeba.com/audiohijack/ I love this program. Works exactly as described.