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    iPod Touch and YouTube not working

    Thanks, yes I could do this. I don't like being a fussy customer and it's not as if I use YouTube that often. But yes, that is an option.
  2. Hi Folks, Long time listener first time poster here looking for a bit of help. So I bought an iPod Touch 2G to replace my ageing iPod Video and so far I am very happy. Slightly disappointed I didn't go all the way and get an iPhone but I can't justify the contract price. Anyway, I can't get the YouTube app to work. Whenever I open it or try to log in it says "Cannot Connect To YouTube." I have restored, restarted, taken it to the Genius Bar (clueless) made sure the date and time are correct. Tried it connected to my mac, tried it unconnected to my mac. Tried different routers... Am I missing something? Hopefully this is a quick fix and someone can point me in the right direction. With thanks, Al