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  1. raghavsuri

    powerbook g4 hard drive

    hi my powerbook g4 crashed and I need a new hard drive for it. however, i dont know what the powerbook g4 hard drive is and i haven't been able to find out mine is 15 inches and 80 gb thanks btw, i know that the problem is with my hard drive, so please don't tell me about any other solution, my computer wont turn on properly so i am unable to find out what hard drive it needs
  2. raghavsuri

    Powerbook G4 hard drive

    there is a problem the laptop turns on and makes the chime and everything but it refuses to fully load, i see the blue screen that appears before the computer fully loads and it stays like that for hours and hours
  3. raghavsuri

    Powerbook G4 hard drive

    hi i have a 15 inch powerbook g4 which wont turn on. The problem seems to be with the hard drive i need to know what type of model is the hard drive for the powerbook g4 and where would i get it? is it worth replacing, should i buy a new mac? thanks!
  4. raghavsuri

    iphone music to computer

    hey i have all my itunes music on my iphone but my powerbook crashed and i did not back up my itunes music. is there a way of transferring music from the iphone to a computer with itunes? thanks!
  5. raghavsuri

    unlocking iphone for travel

    Hi i am not planning on using an African sim, i am going to use my regular American sim that i always use, so I guess then I'll be able to make calls and text without any problems and pay roaming charges?
  6. raghavsuri

    unlocking iphone for travel

    I am in the usa and have an iphone 3g, will be flying to africa in december and i want to know how to unlock the phone so that i can make calls and text to the USA while in africa please help! thanks!
  7. raghavsuri

    Microphone for music recording

    Hi I want to set up my own music studio in my house I would like to know what are the best microphones out there? What should I look for when buying a microphone, how do I know that a microphone is good quality? I am in the USA and I want a quality microphone that can be used very frequently for recording music and recording vocals straight to my macintosh, using garageband for recording as well logic express and logic pro and soundtrack for recording thanks! pls provide internet links if possible
  8. raghavsuri

    dvd ripper - Windows

    anyone know of a dvd ripper for windows that can rip certain parts of a dvd, that can be converted into a file that can be easily uploaded to youtube? thanks
  9. raghavsuri

    movies on iphone

    in order for me to put a movie on my iphone, does it have to be rented from the itunes store? can i put a movie that is already on my itunes library that wasn't purchased or rented from the store? thanks
  10. anyone know of a free ecommerce software (besides eshox) for my website? thanks
  11. raghavsuri

    voice recorder

    i am referring to a portable device
  12. raghavsuri

    new macbook

    i am planning on buying a macbook early next year, or even late this year my question is i want iwork on the macbook. since i already ordered the cd for my current powerbook, will i be able to install that cd on the macbook or will i have to request it to be preinstalled? and when would iwork and ilife 09 come out, as i would prefer my macbook to have the latest versions of these programs thanks
  13. raghavsuri

    voice recorder

    anyone know of any digital voice recorders that can record in mp3 or wav format and can be plugged into a mac? thanks
  14. raghavsuri

    ipod video on dvd

    hi, are you referring to connecting an ipod to the tv (with av cables)? because i do this and the quality is pretty good. but i want to put ipod movies on a dvd, say using idvd, that will play on my tv and will be the appropriate format.
  15. raghavsuri

    ipod video on dvd

    is there a way i can put a movie (bought from itunes) onto a dvd that can be played on the dvd player and that will show up with good quality on the tv? thanks