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  1. Glenn1983

    Which iPad will you be buying?

    I usually feel better by using a full laptop for websurfing etc. But there's one application that makes an iPad interesting: iBooks. But due to the Belgian copyright laws, I heard that it will have a very small amount of books or no books at all. So I'm going to consider an iPad if: 1) there is a bookstore 2) there are enough books in Dutch (my native language) or French (my second language)
  2. Glenn1983

    Which iPad will you be buying?

    I'm not a candidate for buying an iPad. I don't mean that I don't like it, but due to my visual limitations that screen is a too small for me for browsing the web in a comfortable way.
  3. Glenn1983

    What is your Favorite iPod?

    iPod nano does it quite perfect for me, because it's small and handy to take with me on the train or on my daily walks. It fits perfectly in my shirt's pocket or my briefcase. And it has got enough storage capacity for me, because I just want to use it for listening music.
  4. Glenn1983

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    I like iMedia Browser from Karelia. This tool allows me to use a full media browser in MS Office-applications in the same way I would do it in iWork. PS: I don't use iWork itself, because at office I'm in a full Windows environment. Sometimes I bring work with me at home, and I want to avoid compatibily issues.
  5. Glenn1983

    International iPhone prices

    I'm not going to buy an iPhone inmediately. In my country (Belgium) the prices to buy the iPhone are outrageous. For the 8 GB iPhone 3GS, we pay 575 euros (818,713 US dollar), for the older iPhone 3G prices dropped down to "only" 475 euros (676,328 US dollar). The reason for those high prices is a Belgian law forbidding conventional sales or vendor lock-in. It means that a provider isn't allowed to sell the iPhone + a subscription to their services. They have to sell them separately. It leads to a really weird situation. Apple agreed with the provider Mobistar that only Mobistar can sell the iPhone in Belgium. But they can't include a subsription to Mobistar services, because the law wants the customer be free to use the service provider he wants. Of course, a Mobistar vendor will try to convince the customer to become a Mobistar subscriber (in fact a normal reaction). What's the result? It means in daily life there is conventional sale, but for seperate prices. Customers pay a lot of money to buy their iPhone and they pay a high subscription fee separately. Belgian politicians are aware of the situation, and they discussed about the sense of the law forbidding conventional sale. The government agreed that this law was a disadvantage for the customers. They're making up a preposition for a new law that admits conventional sale (by most people referred to as iPhone-law). But they're still waiting for the Council of State's (le Conseil d'Etat, de Raad van State, der Staatsrat) advice. This Council has to determine that the new law doesn't violate higher ranked Belgian laws or EU legislation. If they consider it does, they can reject the law. Maybe the bill will come in Parliament in September. If they accept the new law, maybe (hopefully) prices drop down. So I wait for a while...