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    MacBook Air Question - original model

    A good friend of mine also bought a refurbished Apple and he is very satisfied with it. He uses the MacBook Pro at home and not for business. If you want more information about this you should definitely visit the LA Computer Fair 2009. I am already looking forward to it. I am of the opinion that this will definitely be a great event.
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    Hello. I have a G4 15" bought in 2004 My operating systems is OS X 10.4 I would like to reinstall and get the latest system available. Which is the best one I could use for my notebook? As you can see I am not very good with computers. Can I reinstall the computer by myself or do I need some specific knowledge? Thanks for your help.
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    Well I just wanted to take the time to thank everybody who spends some time to read and advice. I don't know how many times I just read and solved my problem without even being a member. That shows that forums like this one are super helpful for people like me - and obviously others. Thank you so much. And what goes around comes around.