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    I set up my windows xp through boot camp, but for some reason, it isn't recognizing the sound card. The partition with the mac OS X10.5 recognizes it fine. (I have sound) I thought about deleting the partition and setting up windows with the Parallels software. I talked to a represenative when I purchased the imac and he recommended not using parallels because it would slow down the system. Any thoughts or experience with this? Also, if anybody knows why the computer is not recognizing the sound card, that would solve my problem. When I go into the device manager it says all the drivers are installed properly. Thanks, Chris
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    Media server

    I am a new mac convert and I have to say I love it. I have a question for everyone though. I used Tversity to stream videos,music,and photos from my pc to my TV. What is a good software for the imac to accomplish this? Thanks, Chris
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    I recently downloaded flip4mac to play my WMV files that I transferred over from my pc. The wmv file was a slideshow put to music created by a program called Photostory that I had with windows xp. When I try to play it in flip4mac, the audio will play , but the pictures don't show up . Does anyone know a solution that might fix this? Thanks, Chris