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  1. Ruwan

    syncing btwn my Mac, MobileMe and my iPhone

    I recently had similar issues that resulted in a very unsuccessful and unsatisfactory protracted discussions with the MobileMe Chat Customer Service, who have implied many times that I was doing something wrong and kept sign-posting me to their set up procedure information. At one point they even suggested that I replace the handset as they felt that this was the problem (Apple Care duly obliged, but not before selling me the Apple Care coverage for the iPhone). Needless to say this was not the problem as the issue continued with the new handset as well. Eventually MobileMe Customer Service sent my problem to their 'Advanced' technical support and the issue (over two weeks later) was diagnosed a a server issue and nothing to do with me. The issue has now been resolved, but sadly it has left me with a bad experience with MobileMe and its Customer Services. I would suggest that you get in touch with MobileMe and ask for this case to flagged up to their 'Advanced' technical support. I wish you well in this.