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    Which new mac!

    I have a maxed-out 15" MacBook Pro and absolutely, I used to have a stock 17 but it just wasn't portable. And if your in the market I'd wait until Steve Jobs gives him keynote at WWDC before making any new apple purchase. BTW what will you be using this for?
  2. Linux1337

    Controling System Fans

    I recently took the plunge into the mac universe by buying a MacBook Pro 2.16 GHz. While I love the machine and the OS it does get very, very hot. To the point it painful to touch the case anywhere above the keyboard. I was wondering if anyone know how to throtle the system fans to help ease this problem. Thnaks in advance
  3. Not sure how many of you have been to podcast alley recently, but the MacCast is now number 2 lets see if we can push it to number 1!!
  4. I have been pondering switching over to a mac but i'm not cure which one, can someone recommend one. I am leaning towards a MacBook Pro but will wait on that until they add a dual layer superdrive. Thanks in advance.
  5. The maccast is now number 1 in the tech section!!!
  6. ya i don't think that the average user will see much of a speed difference until more applications go universial but man do those things but up fast
  7. I am look at a budget with a max of around $2000 and perferably a laptop
  8. no, i started out with a Mac II and then moved to building my own boxes, but i still long to return to the mac operating system
  9. Linux1337

    I'd take Apple over Alienware any day!!!

    I have to agree with you that a Mac is far better than any windows box includeing an Alienware machine, but i still have to buy my mac.
  10. Linux1337

    Qestions about wating to buy MACBOOK PRO!

    I plan on waiting for my MacBook until they add a dual layer superdrive then I will buy it, Adobe should ship there Universial binaries in April or May
  11. Linux1337

    What means optical, digital and line-level?

    thanks for explaining that RailRider i was a little curious about that myself