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    iPhone 3.0.1 problems on 3GS

    I just found out the problem. It had reset my default contact group to Exchange and those options are not available there. I reset to my old contacts and can do the custom labels and iPhone labels now. I've also been told now that with the Exchange account on the phone at all, auto-lock cannot be set to never until the account is removed. I think that solves it all but I would have really liked it if Apple or Microsoft could have been bothered to put this information somewhere I could have found it without having to search and ask around like this. RN
  2. renichms

    iPhone 3.0.1 problems on 3GS

    The situation: I have an iPhone 3GS. My dad has an iPhone 3G. We both are running OS 3.0.1. On my phone, I cannot set auto-lock to "never" and he can. On my phone, new contacts cannot have their numbers added as an iPhone but his still can. He can create custom labels for numbers and I cannot. Is this a common problem? Is this 7A400 build somehow different for 3G and 3GS or is my phone walking to the beat of its own drum? I wanted to ask before attempting to restore to factory settings and then resync all my stuff onto the phone. Update (yes, even before the initial posting): Checked with some others. Their iPhones still have all their options. 3GS, 3G, even older iPhones and no one else seems affected. Someone told me it was because I have an Exchange email account set up on my phone but other people do too and they still have the ability to set their auto-lock to never and to add lines as iPhones (though that particular one is missing on the other 3GS I got to look at) and custom labels. What is going on? Thanks for any tips you can give. RN