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    walking with me dog.
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  1. chris-w

    built in cam issues.

    up to about 4 weeks ago , i used my built in camera on skype/yahoo/messenger and a few other sites. have had no problems. then the cam would not open in yahoo/messenger or other sites.but would open ok in skype. i un-installed flash player and re-installed flash player...(10.. when i try and open the cam in several sites, i get a grey over screen and telling me that the cam is not connected or is being used in another application.please shut down all applications then re open cam. i have no applications running. but still no cam... any advice for an ageing old sod. am using a27'i5 mac.
  2. chris-w

    itunes 9

    thanks for that. have got it all sorted now
  3. chris-w

    itunes 9

    i realise that, my friend but it comes up with page not found, in french of course.
  4. chris-w

    itunes 9

    try what....
  5. chris-w

    itunes 9.

    having d/loaded itunes 9, i found i could not minimise the page. a VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ADAM WHO WENT TO THE TROUBLE TO FIND OUT. thanks adam as i always use the minimiser to shrink itunes and afrter d/loading itunes 9 found i could not shrink the little bugger...BUT now i can thanks to you. great stuff regards chris watts
  6. chris-w

    AirPort Extreme with Lacie Brick HD

    if you still have the hard drive. would be interested in this. would you know how much to ship to zip 3762 in australia. regards chris christopher.watts5@bigpond.com...email address
  7. chris-w

    itunes 9

    thanks to adam for telling us how to minimise itunes 9...(option-click on button).... but does anybody know how to change the background colour of white, back to black as it was in itunes6. as i have bad eyesight, i found the previous colours of white on a black backgroung a whole lot beeter for me.
  8. chris-w

    International iPhone prices

    here in australia, we can at least by the iphone unlocked..(at last) they are bought at the apple shop and the prices are 1) 16 gb white or black costs us $aus879.00 . this is includes a 10% tax. 2)32gb white or black costs us.....4AUS 1040.00 includeds a 19% (gst) 3)8gb..black costs us $aus 719.00 includies a 10% tax (gst) then you can insert any sim card that you want to use. i would think this is thebest way to go as the phone companies cause a person to get a headache trying to sort thru the varies phone plans on offer. regards chris watts