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  1. The cord would indeed seem the most likely culprit, though we can't understand how it would be doing this. Trouble is, it is not just draining the batteries - it seems to be damaging them, as when we recharge these ipods and try to watch video on them while not connected to the TV, the battery level fluctuates for an hour or two, then it shuts down again. I'm afraid to try another fresh iPod, even with a new cord, in case it's something else in the set-up (TV, VCR, Outlet). Stumped and frustrated we are...
  2. Hello - For several years, we have been watching video from an iPod classic via an Apple composite A/V cable to TV set-up. Recently, the iPod would quickly stop playing with a low battery alert. Assuming the battery was old and tired, we bought a refurbished Classic with a newly installed battery - and after connecting it the same thing happened very quickly. We have since tried another iPod we had on hand - and the same thing happened even more quickly. Something seems to be killing the batteries - any ideas as to what the problem might be? Thanks, Rand
  3. Thanks for all the input - Happy Monday all.. randy
  4. Thanks for the software tip, but for reasons I won't go into, I need to back up directly to the drive WITHOUT using Time Machine or other backup programs. I guess I'll just copy the "user home" folder to the drive and assume any restore will be to a fresh and functioning OS. I've been told there is no point in backing up the rest of the system contents this way (without a cloning program) as the apps, OS, etc. can't be restored. If you have a different view, please share it. Thanks again...
  5. Hello! Without Time Machine or other backup software, what is the best way to do a full system backup to an external drive? I was told if I simply drag & drop the HD icon it won't be a bootable copy---- but will this still backup everything? Is there a preferred method? Thanks, randy