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    Family Budgeting app

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of an app that can be used by a family/group to track expenses, where by it would sync with other group members. As well as have some nifty reports in order to review. I've looked at HomeBudget and it uses a proprietary sync service and was wondering if there is something else similar or better. It seems like a good app but feels outdated. I am also trying out Money (trial download) that actually uses dropbox but I am still working to see how I can get it to sync with other family/group members. The issues I find with these apps is that the sync seems forced rather than a seamless experience. Lastly, I was looking for something that is may sound funny but something that is not free. I feel that when an app is paid for it puts curtain obligations on the developer (at least I am hoping) to maintain it. Well .... any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you, Sarkha P.S. its been ages since I visited the forums and love what you guys did with it, great improvement thanks!