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    Streaming video over iTunes and 802.11g

    OK, Gotta love this Mac stuff. Apple is always 2 steps ahead of us. The solution to this is that after you rip/encode the DVD to your backup file, you need to do one more step - using Quicktime Pro, you need to open the file and export it as a "Movie with hints". After you've done that, everything streams very well. The process only takes about 2-3 minutes for a full-length movie on my 17" iMac Core Duo (which, using Handbrake can rip to MPEG-4 in "max iPod" numbers with a single pass can rip a 1 hour moving in 45 minutes). Quicktime Pro is really worth the $30 (or whatever) it costs. It has saved my bacon several times.
  2. bceverly

    Streaming video over iTunes and 802.11g

    Actually, with iSquint you can choose your configuration and I purposely picked something with the exact same resolution so the file sizes were pretty comprable. I was thinking that file size played into it too. Anyone else with any ideas on this front?
  3. Hi, I'm about 99.99% of the way "switched" (trying out life on an iMac 17" core duo before biting the bullet and selling this machine to purchase a MacBook Pro) and have found solutions for almost everything I need to do (including Parallels Workstation for running Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server for C# ASP.NET development <grin>). The one thing I can't figure out is something like "offline folders" in Windows XP. What I need is the ability to maintain a local copy of my networked home directory and have changes I make transparently sync both ways. The networked home directory is on a Windows Server 2003 box if that matters. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello, I'm trying to figure something out and I'm hoping that someone on this forum has some experience I can lean on. I'm in the process of putting my DVD collection into iTunes on my 17" iMac core duo. I have a mini that I'm planning on connecting to my TV and wanted to be able to stream the videos off of my iMac to the mini. Here's my problem. When I use Handbrake to pull the DVD content into iTunes, it works just fine and I can watch it locally just great. When I try to access the file over the network, it will eventually load but sometimes can take up to 30 minutes before it starts playing on the mini. When I encode the DVD using iSquint, it starts playing almost immediately. I therefore figured it must be an MPEG-4 vs. H.264 issue so I tried ripping to H.264 using Handbrake and got exactly the same behavior as before - long delay before starting up. I'd prefer to use MPEG-4 since I can get higher resolutions and still play them on my iPod. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. bceverly

    10.4.4 and minimize button?

    Thanks for looking into this Matt. It is really odd. It seems to crop up and then go away. One thing I have noticed is that if I close the application that is having the problem and immeidately re-open it, the problem is corrected (so at least I have a viable workaround). I did a Google search prior to posting here and didn't see anything showing up that looked like this so it must either be very specific to my configuration or very new.
  6. bceverly

    10.4.4 and minimize button?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has noticed this or if perhaps I'm off in the weeds but it seems that after the 10.4.4 update, my mini randomly loses the abiility to miniimze windows to the dock. The yellow button in the upper left-hand corner of every window has gone grey on me with the exception of Safari which still has it but won't minimize to the dock when I click on it. Anyone else notice this or have any information on it? Thanks, Bryan