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  1. Hi Graham the thing is, after reading all the info about wireless routers and everything else, and discussing it with my family and my mac guru at the Apple shop here, we decided NOT to do a wireless network. The amount of electronic and radio signals and all already around in houses and our society are so much, we just wanted to be free of it. There is danger involved, just like mobiles, which I use rarely. However, this signal from the USB adpater would be very weak and of limited range and only be truned on at night when we needed some access for that computer. That is why I want to do it. thanks BERT
  2. HI From what I have read I understood it is possible to share internet connections in Leopard using a wireless card or USB adapter. I have a 10 megabit fiber connection and have a wired ethernet network in my house NOT a wireless one. The G5 desktop mac is running Leopard and our iBook G4 that I wish to share with is running Tiger. SO.... I bought a D-Link Wireless G USB adapter DWL - G122. I installed it in my G5 desktop computer since I do NOT have an airport card in it- I am running Leopard. We have a laptop ibook G4 that does have an airport card but has a broken ethernet card, so I thought I could hook up so that I could share my internet connection via the wireless USB adapter. I have done a lot of searches and attempts, but am getting nowhere. On my desktop G5 mac, which lacks airport, but now has the USB ethernet wireless adapter, it does not have an AIRPORT selection for the computer to share and connect with. THAT computer (the iBook) does have airport, and can't connect to the USB desktop wireless... running latest Leopard on the desktop and Tiger on the iBook G4. Confusing. the USB wifi dongle appears on the desktop model in the network section, so I checked share your connection from USB ethernet... TO COMPUTERS using... but no airport only the USB ETHERNET firewire or ethernet.. Any advice? thanks! Bert in Sweden