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  1. As voted by CBS viewers. #1 & 2 had football players and were for Coke and ... err ... no idea, but this big guy was knocking office workers over and yelling at them :wink:
  2. firebird2110

    Mac Daily News Podcast?

    Ken is back macosken.libsyn.com/rss www.macosken.com
  3. firebird2110

    linux on ipod

    I tried it with my 2G iPod and it totally failed to work, BUT the iPod had been acting up so it might be a messed up hardware issue rather than Linux. I think I'm going to have to just accept that my first iPod is a junker :cry:
  4. firebird2110

    Mac Daily News Podcast?

    Thanks Rob. I see what you mean, I'll be skipping the intro 8) but based on Thursday's daily cast I think I'll be subscribing. KW, I miss Ken Ray, if he starts casting somewhere else I'll certainly give it a listen.
  5. firebird2110

    Mac Daily News Podcast?

    I'm looking for a Mac daily news podcast to replace InsideMac which sadly has tanked big time. :? Something similar, 5-10 minutes, Monday to Friday. I know I'm asking a lot but if such a thing exists I figure someone here will know about it Anyone got any suggestions?