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  1. yaschan

    Screen Sharing Loopback

    If you have two macs and absolutely nothing to do.. This is silly and effectively lock up the machine you are using. So be careful. But still it is interesting, and if I move the cursor I can see the delay.. It's actually quite interesting to think how this stuff actually happens in software.. Anyway sorry to write such a rubbish useless post.
  2. yaschan

    Mac user in corporate world of Japan

    It just seems that corporate world in Japan (except graphic design studios and production houses) is very unwilling to even look at Apple's direction what comes to computers. I got kind of deadly looks when I brought the topic up. Everyone have iPhones and iPads though..
  3. The loops disappear from the loop index every time I restart Logic Pro. I have added couple of sets of user loops. Anyone having same problem? It takes about 30 minutes to recreate the loop index everytime so.. Loops are there, disk is checked and permissions repaired. Problem persists
  4. yaschan

    Logic Pro and Bootcamp

    I have been having this annoying problem with Logic Pro 8. Loading EXS24 instruments became very slow and sometimes it even crashed Logic. Sometimes it took 5 minutes to load a simple EXS24 preset. The solution for me was to unmount my bootcamp volume. The problem was gone. It seems somehow that during loading EXS24 instrument, it seems to "search" or do something on the disk, because I hear disk activity. Someone in other forum recommended turning off spotlight indexing from the bootcamp volume. I'm not sure how to do that though? My bootcamp volume is on separate physical disk. Could this have anything to do with it?
  5. (..insert lonely lyrics of a song here..)
  6. I gave my 2.4Ghz Macbook Pro to my wife and bought white macbook for myself. I like this very much. Only criticism I have is the sharp edge of the palm rest which culminates on to the two sharp corners of the thumbscoop. The sharp edge of the palm rest and scoop is clearly a design choice. It looks better than a round edge. Sure. I just wish that I wouldn't occasionally slightl yhurt myself by accidentally brushing my wrist against that sharp edge. Although I'm not industrial designer by any means, I dare to say that you shouldn't put sharp corners and edges in places where users wrists move! (White plastic seems soft enough to be sculpted by home tools, so I might actually consider cutting the sharp corners of the scoop smoother, not sure what that will do to my warranty though)
  7. yaschan

    Removing dust from Mac Pro

    Thanks for your replies. I appreciate your advices. How do you guys think, will bulb blower do harm if I detach the processor tray and quickly blow few times to the processor sink? It seems that most dust gathers into that location. (advice from a friend of mine, whatever you do with your 3000$ mac pro processor tray, don't drop it!) I wonder though, if I keep repeatedly removing the processor tray, how long will the fragile looking connector will last
  8. yaschan

    simple VJ software for Mac?

    johnfoster Thanks for summarizing that, and for the examples. The tools in the links you showed appear very nice. Indeed. I think that probably the assistant is more willing to learn how to switch the slide than operate full featured VJ software. She seems reluctant on learning even Keynote.. Well, under the circumstances.. ahem. johnfoster: Good words about HDMI, FW, connectors.. The thing in my case is that I'm not sure about the projector in the place. I only saw it briefly. It didn't look too fancy. It had VGA connector in it. I wonder how much benefit I would get if I would try to do it in 720p or 1080p format. The material is being projected on musicians and white wall on the back, mostly providing color and moving abstract shapes. 30% of the material is in NTSC anyway. The wall, by the way, happens to be rather squarish, so wide screen would be difficult to show. My guess would also be that the projector maybe only supports VGA resolution, so I guess I should save myself a lot of rendering time and disk space by going with the standard NTSC resolution/framerate stuff for all the video clips. Hey by the way. I have Apple remote. Maybe I can operate the slideshow from the stage using Keynote? The range should be enough since the projector won't be that far. Clicking.. fading smoothly or even crossfade between slides?
  9. yaschan

    simple VJ software for Mac?

    I'm looking for a software which would allow me to play and switch seamlessly and loop bunch of quicktime movies. The purpose is to display some movies from projector in musical performance. Each of the musical pieces would have it's own dedicated looping quicktime movie. Because the songs length isn't fixed, a guy should be running the VJ software. I really don't want to see a finder window projected during the performance. Any ideas?
  10. yaschan

    Removing dust from Mac Pro

    I noticed my Mac Pro is getting a lot of dust inside of the chassis. I never realized there is so much dust in my house. And you know, I do actually clean my house.. So I open the machine monthly and use bulb blower to get rid of the dust in the heat sink and the fan of the video card. I get kind of nervous about the dust. Is there a way this can damage the machine, other than by affecting cooling?
  11. yaschan

    Old Mac stuff!

    My favorite mac of all times is the first flat screen, "snowball" iMac G4. It was the first mac I had. It was amazing machine. I wish Apple would still do something "crazy" like that.
  12. yaschan

    Verifying External HD

    You know, I had external hard disk on my desk, hooked up to my Macbook. Its black Lacie, Rikiki. It was spinning, doing time machine backup, when I moved my Macbook, and off the desk it fell. Gosh. About one meter to hard floor.. The drive seems to operate as normal, I can access the files, etc. But as this is my back up, Id like to be sure. Is there any way to make sure that there are no damage to the disk? I tried running the "verify disk" from Disk Utility and it shows no problems. Would you recommend other tool for this job?
  13. yaschan

    From powerbook to macbook

    Good luck for new Macbook! Yes, well I think you will notice improvement in performance. Are you running Snow Leopard? You should be able to do all kinds of things, including running iMovie well, etc. I understand your feeling about keyboard. As far as I have played with Macbook in the shop, I noticed the strange feeling of the keyboard, like if there was chewing gum under the keys. It was very tactile, but felt somehow muddy, comparing to the apple's aluminum keyboard. Still one of the best keyboards I have tried, personally I like all Apple keyboards. My Macbook Pro sometimes still goes 100 when playing youtube.. especially HD.. Its just the way how world is.. At least we can watch youtube, unlike some netbooks eh
  14. yaschan

    Mac Pro Memory Question (4th slot?)

    Really? So do you think, strictly performance wise, it won't make difference whether or not I install another 2 gig piece? Yeah, I'll probably buy it from the same place. It's "buffalo" memory they're selling. It is "mac memory" as they call it and when I asked it should be just same specs what is mac qualified memory. The original sticks were blue, now they are green.
  15. yaschan

    Mac Pro Memory Question (4th slot?)

    Yeah, I would have gone with the 8 core model if my budget would have allowed. Well, maybe I will build a render farm someday. I think I will buy one more 2 GB stick and throw it into the empty slot instead, that should be perfectly fine, shouldn't it? Now I'm satisfied with the performance with 6 gigs of memory. I guess Apple had it's reasons why not to put more memory sockets to the quad core mac.. The 8 core has double the amount, doesn't it?