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  1. I'm a big fan of podcasts. I like to manually manage their syncing [as well as all my music files]. It's my morning routine, deleting played podcasts on my iPhone and manually dragging and dropping unplayed downloaded podcasts from iTunes via usb cable. Since updating my iPhone 4 to ios5 I've experienced the following problems. When syncing, played podcasts on my iphone still appear as unplayed [blue dot] in itunes. On iPhone, fully played podcasts will sometimes appear as partially played [half blue dot] on the iphone & unplayed in iTunes. All music played on iPhone does not effect the play count in iTunes. I posted this issue on the Apple Support Community and all work arounds suggested haven't solved my issue. Surely Apple is aware of this issue as my download habits are not unique in this world. I just want my iPhone to sync like it used to. I like alot of the ios5 features but would gladly revert to ios4 if that would remedy the situation [don't know how to]. Just to give you a frame of reference of my tech savvy abilities, I know enough to know that I don't know anything at all.
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    The jumping point of text entry

    I have a 17 in Macbook Pro [Jan '08] running Leopard [haven't upgraded yet though I have the disk]. I always download all recommended updates. About 4 days ago I started to experience this symptom. I was trying to title an event in IPhoto. The point in which my text was being display jumped on me. So let's say I was trying to type "Alex's First Homecoming Dance". As I was typing the "cursor" would jump [i made sure that I wasn't touching anything else by doing two finger typing and could see it happen before my eyes] so it would read "Alex's First Hanceomecoming D". Then I experienced the same problem in Mail. There it would even jump up a line or two in the text. Anyone have any idea what is going on?? Is it a keyboard issue? I have also noticed the backlighting of the keyboard fading in and out [which is unsual because the backlighting has never really worked and is normally dark but it wasn't enough of a problem that I pursued a solution. Two years ago in an Apple store the Genuis "zapped the pram" but that didn't really fix it]. Please help me if you can. Thanks as always. Actually Upon thinking further this should probably be in the hardware section of the forum so I am going to repost it there 10/15/09 Well that post on hardware got deleted by an admin I guess so if anyone knows anything please let me know
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    The phantom podcast on my IPhone

    Ok this one is kind of goofy. I don't now if if is a IPhone problem or an ITunes problem. I am an avid podcast listener and subscribe to 35 different podcasts. I like to manually add and delete them instead of any auto sync function. Last Sunday Nov 14 I updated both my ITunes to v.9 & IPhone to 3.0.1. The following day I did my typical morning routine adding & deleting podcasts. The following afternoon I noticed podcasts on my IPhone that I thought I deleted and just assumed I had missed them. The following morning when I went to delete these podcasts I did not see them in ITunes while I was syncing. But the podcasts are still on my IPhone and I have no idea how to remove them. Is there a way to delete podcasts from the IPhone itself. I was initially just 3 "phantom" podcasts but now it is 5 and I'm afraid that it will slowly begin to hog my memory
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    The phantom podcast on my IPhone

    I know this won't come as any surprise but I didn't know you could do that. Thanks so very much.