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  1. Techeon

    HOW TO Replacing hard drive in iBook G3

    Using Disk Utility to backup the OS to an iPod
  2. Techeon

    podcasting on PC

    Here is a terrific resource for starting a podcast. It is also free. http://www.podcast411.com/
  3. Replacing hard drive in an iBook G3 soon. Please check back here for updates. Several photos will be provided during the process. Current status: Restoring drive to an iPod for backup via disk utility NEXT: preparing the new 20GB drive from an old Archos mp3 player.
  4. Techeon

    10.4.4 Warning

    128 onboard + 128 SO-DIMM = 256 TOTAL Yeah I know that not a lot.... at all... but I didn't think an xx.x.+1 release would put that much strain on memory requirements. Maybe I should disable dashboard.
  5. Techeon

    podcasting on PC

    Chris Pirillo has an excellent guide over on Lockergnome to starting a podcast. Link follows: http://channels.lockergnome.com/media/arch...available.phtml EDIT: That actually costs $20. I didn't know that. Nevermind.
  6. I have the Logitech USB Desktop Mic. I rather like it if you can control the P-spikes when speaking. I tend to say my P's more like B's and it helps out a lot when recording. Besides that I think its a fantasic mic. It does pick up a lot of ambient noise so having a quiet enviroment is helpful. On that note I will be ugrading to a Behringer mixer with Behringer C-2 mics.
  7. Techeon

    iLife issue. Please help

    Shouldn't that have also been an Intel iMac? Either way you still should have gotten iLife 06. There should be no problem with getting it from Apple if you show them your receipt tho I'm not sure how they can verify that you indeed got iLife 05 instead unless theres an item number on the receipt and they know those iMac that were shipped to Fry's with those item numbers had iLife 05. Thats probably what it will be like. By the way, Apple should have a deal with Fry's to supply you with iLife 06 if you purchase a new mac. I'm not sure where you live, but the mac buying experience at Fry's has always been horrible for me. Apple retail stores really are worth going to if you are buying a Mac. Plus you get cool bags. Really cool bags.
  8. Techeon

    10.4.4 Warning

    Updated from 10.4.3 to 10.4.4 on an iBook G3. Seems to be a bit slower. Video playback is choppy at best. Seems to need more RAM after update.
  9. Is it possible to format only one of three partitions on an external drive with the Mac OS File System? In disk utility I can format all three at the same time, but will not display anything but MS-DOS partition for options in the drop down list for the individual partitions.
  10. Techeon

    Printer problems

    Did you set this printer up in the Print Center? /Applications/Utilities/Printer Center.app
  11. Techeon

    Printer problems

    The article was written for OS 9, but nevertheless it is still a spooler problem. Also, you might want to check what happens/can you crash a program by printing and then print in another application. For instance... open word > try to print > crash > try to immediately print form another app. I will be back in 20 mins or so. Definitely a spooler issue tho. Try searching for a fix for that. Reinstalling the printer "driver" (i know ""driver"" on OS X) won't work either. Not sure if there is an easy way to repair the print spooler or if you can rebuild it.
  12. Techeon

    Printer problems

    Common error... here is a whole page explaining it. http://www.sciencequest.org/support/comput...rint_spool.html The funny thing is that this is usually a windows problem. But spooler issues do come up in the mac world every now and then.
  13. Techeon

    Does your Photoshop crash on startup...sometimes?

    You can try using Adobe's Type Manager and see if it has any problems with any of the fonts. You can find it as a free download (light version) here: http://www.adobe.com/products/atmlight/main.html
  14. Yes, thank you everyone for your help. Needless to say its hard to convey the correct emotion in a forum. I'm not mad or anything... just posting along... still... it would be cool if there was a docklet that would display the correct date and you could just set it to open iCal. Though, its THE DOCK and its not YzDock or RKLauncher so I don't know if there are any "docklets" for THE DOCK. That would be something to look into i suppose. Thread is prolly officially dead now. Thanks again.
  15. Techeon

    Does your Photoshop crash on startup...sometimes?

    If you have installed any fonts recently then I would disable those first. Otherwise, depending on how many fonts you DO have... try disabling ALL of them and see if photoshop will start. Then, sad to say, enable each font a few at a time. until photoshop refuses to start.