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  1. I operate an on-line training system and my server host company only does weekly backups. I am looking for a good software program to backup the files from the server to a local drive and then do scheduled incremental backups. I am looking at a shareware program named AASync. Does anyone have any experience with this program or any other program that would accomplish this task. I would prefer a GUI program to a command line rsync-style option.
  2. I use Kompozer as my WYSIWYG html editor. When I control-click on an html file, Kompozer doesn't show up in the Recommended Applications list to open the file. I have to navigate to Other and then change the drop down list in Finder to All Applications to use Kompozer to open the file. Is there any way I can get OSX to recognize Kompozer as a Recommended Apps for opening html files?
  3. rschumaker

    Callers Hear Their Voice Echo on Skype Calls

    I use separate heavy duty headphoned so there is no chance of the echo being a result of the the mic picking up the sound from a speaker. It almost seems like some kind of a loop in the mixer.
  4. I am using a 12" G4 Powerbook connected to Beringer Eurorack UB 1202 mixer and an MXL-990 mike. I run a line into the mixer from the headphone jack and the mic connects via an iMic to the usb on the computer. I have started having echo problems (the callers hear themselves when they talk) when I use Skype and iChat. I have used both in the past and didn't have a problem but I can't figure out why I am now. Ideas?
  5. rschumaker

    Macbook Service is an Embarrassment

    The problem here is not with the local AASP in Roanoke. They sent it to Apple right away. It has been in the Apple repair facility since July 6. Our Roanoke, VA AASP has done all they can. Apparently Apple can't or won't provide the parts to their own folks.
  6. rschumaker

    Macbook Service is an Embarrassment

    I think that is what's so frustrating. I have always had good experiences with Apple - although I have never had a major repair issue. Even my (hold your nose) PC repairs have never taken this long. I am trying to find some other e-mail address or telephone number to let Apple know. They definitely have a problem.
  7. We bought a new Macbook that was almost totally built out (>$2,000). Less than a month later, it stopped booting and it was later determined to be a bad logic board. I took it to our local Apple authorized service provider on July 3 and it was sent to Houston for repair. It has been sitting on a bench since July 6 waiting for the logic board. They have sent out a special request through the system for the logic board on July 13 and have extended the arrival at least 2 times. They are now saying it should arrive July 21. I think it is an embarrassment that it would take that long to get a logic board to the repair shop. I bet if they didn't already have my money, it wouldn't take that long but no one seems to care. My advice to everyone now is don't even think about buying a Macbook until Apple gets there mess together. Where is the customer service that Apple is supposed to have? I am disgusted!!
  8. rschumaker

    Issue Deleting Message in Mail

    We figured that one out but it really seems counter-intuitive to have the older messages at the top, particularly when there are a bunch of messages in the inbox (she isn't the most organized person). I checked out Entourage and it works the same way but Thunderbird works the way she wants. This is her first Mac and I am trying to keep things as similar to the way she was used to in Outlook Express etc. Thank for the tip. Rich
  9. rschumaker

    Issue Deleting Message in Mail

    We just fired up my wife's new Mac Book - loaded white version - and she noticed a problem I can't figure out. When she is in the "Inbox" of her Mail app and deletes a message, the highlighted bar backs up (ascends) to the preceeding message instead of dropping down to the next message. It is a real pain when getting rid of a bunch of spam messages. Is there anyway to change this so that it decends to the next message?
  10. rschumaker

    OSX Tiger Client for Netware IPX Needed

    I know you are right but I was hoping to delay it for a spell. Unfortunately, I guess the time has probably come.
  11. Does anyone know of a Netware for IPX client that is compatable with Tiger. I was using Prosoft NetWare Client 1.1.2 under Panther and it connected to our Netware IPX network just fine. I upgraded a Powerbook to Tiger and now it won't connect to the network. The Prosoft Mac OS X - Commercial Edition Client Version: v1.3.2 works with Tiger but only on a Netware configured as IP not IPX. I contacted Prosoft and they do not plan to release an IPX compatable version. Any options would be greatly appreciated. rich@rlsei.com
  12. rschumaker

    Podcast List

    Check out CopCAST. It is a weekly podcast about police topics that include news and special guests on a variety of topics. http://copcast.net/copcast.xml
  13. Does anyone have any experience listing a podcast with iTunes. I submitted my podcast to iTunes about three week ago but it is still not listed. I have written to Apple and got a screwed up e-mail response that did not deal with the issues. I replied but haven't gotten a second response. Does it usually take this long?
  14. rschumaker

    Battery for 12" Powerbook

    My Powerbook battery has died and I was wondering if anyone knows of a good vendor who sells replacement batteries.