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    Mac version-behind?

    Some of you may remember when macs were 7.x, 8.x, and 9.x. But I remeber the upgrades from each version really fast. But after 10 came out, it has been stuck on 10 for quite a while....wheres the 11? Therefore, I feel that they are behind, do you guys feel they are behind?
  2. kensterator

    12" iBook or PowerBook

    What's your price range?
  3. kensterator

    G4 Powerbook 12"

    As you are a college student, this computer would suit you the best, low price, small, light, mobile. It won't be too slow if you are doing normal college stuff.
  4. kensterator

    Help For a Soon to Be Switcher

    Seeing that you are going into high school, I am thinking that you are using this computer for school work where in this case you should save money and get a macbook with the minimum package, no extra RAM and stuff. However, if you plan to use it at heavy capacity: intense games, photos, videos, tv shows, large projects, then I suggest MacBook Pro. If you do get the pro, none of the upgrades seem necessary. Your updates and security are taken care of with software update. If you plan to bring it to school, I suggest you get a hard plastic casing for your computer.
  5. kensterator

    Do you think 'Get a Mac' ads are effective?

    While they do have humor, they do get the point accross (at least some of them) ie. the one with the PC sneezing showing how many more viri windoze gets each year
  6. kensterator

    Future Switcher

    The macbook is definetly a good start, it is definetly good for doing everyday work and could handle your computer life. You don't really need the pro version unless you run lots of processees that require GHz. Glossy screen would be a bad idea as it is easily smudged unless you want to watch lots of movies or need high quality.
  7. kensterator

    Drag and drop, Apple + Tab

    This is a very sick useful trick!
  8. kensterator


    I don't know if anyone already knows this shortcut, but if you are using a laptop or scrollwheel mouse, you can zoom in/out by holding control and scrolling with the 2 fingers on your touchpad or scrolling the scroll wheel. Sorta like the iPhone zoom feature except using scrolling
  9. kensterator

    Steve Jobs Vs. Bill Gates

    nice! any more of those things?
  10. kensterator

    CSS/HTML Coder Wanted

    topic from long time ago
  11. Altough most of you don't like internet explorer, do you agree that after 7 came ouot you liked it?
  12. kensterator

    Genie Or Scale?

    Why did they make suck a hidden one? Anyways, I think genie is definetly better than scale, are there any other methods?
  13. kensterator

    ichat multi conferencing

    I don't think that there is a way to stop this. The more people you add, the more the quality degrades. Happens with me too so I think it's normal. Well, you could fix this if you had a T3 connection
  14. kensterator

    Mac vs. PC

    "This connection cannot be edited because it is active" I tried to edit a connection and it accually said this. "This connection cannot be deactivated because it is active" So I tried to deactivate it and it said this. This is what the window accually said with of course the *Gunk*
  15. kensterator

    Top 10 Mac Apps for New Users

    Isn't this program to recover deleted files?
  16. kensterator

    Skype or Gizmo?

    Gizmo isn't as popular as Skype, but I found out about it and I thought it was better. Lots of Gizmo users say that Gizmo is better. But some people still prefer Skype. I belive that Gizmo is better because there is still feree calling to so many countries as long as both poeple have a all calls free status active. To become active, all you need to do is call other Gizmo users a lot. Then, if the Gizmo user has their profile cell phone or home number set to a number outside of the US in an eligible country, the call will be free as long as both users are "active." What do you prefer and why?
  17. If you want to leave it off, the only reason is to save energy. However if you need a static IP for whatever reason and set the settings to auto-renew, it is advised that you keep it on if you wish to retain the same IP address. (I wish I didn't need a static IP so I could have dynamic and no one could track me)
  18. kensterator

    iBook G3 parts

    My iBook G3 recently had its logicboard broken. Logicboard is obviously in the trash. But there are other useful parts I'm willing to sell. PM me if you seek any parts (eg airport card or disc drive)
  19. kensterator

    Call of Duty 2

    Does anyone know any cheat codes for Call of Duty 2? I already tried searching for it and the codes I found do not work.
  20. kensterator

    The Professor

    Does anyone know where he went?
  21. kensterator

    iBook G3 parts

    Oops, sorry guys for not replying, I haven't been checking it. Please use PM. Most parts have been sold. The remaining parts are: airport card modem card ACDC card
  22. kensterator

    Icons disappear

    I saw someone make the icons disappear by pressing cmd+F11 then appear by pressing that again. But, it seems that you need some sort of program because when I tried it it didn't work. Does anyone know how this trick works?
  23. kensterator

    Moving screenshots

    Does anyone know any programs or how to do moving screenshots?
  24. kensterator

    consol war

    Ps3 seems to be the best but if you look at the cost, it can drag the rating down quite a bit at 500 to 600 dollars plus games and controllers and memory cards.
  25. kensterator

    Apple Stocks

    Apple stocks are good to invest in right now whether it means short selling or buying. You can predict the trend. But, when is apple's next "cool item" going to come out and give stocks a boost. Please post investment advice here. Thanks.