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    Bye Bye French Music Store

    What is wrong with Apple? They are going to lose so many sales. No matter what you do there is no way to stop illegal distribution. People ALWAYS find new ways. Millions of songs are distributed illegally each day.
  2. kensterator

    Ads for Publishers

    Does anyone know places to get ads for publishers?
  3. I don't think that is the cause to the bad spelling. In factm, it helps, because you should learn from the mistakes. When I used Micrsoft word grammar check, I learned a lot of grammar thingys,
  4. kensterator

    Emulating OS X on windows

    Yeah, my friend did that thingy too. It looks pretty good. Now, he can use WIndows or Mac when he wants all on the same computer. Does it have exposé?
  5. kensterator

    Ads for Publishers

    Thanks, but I have hated Google ever since they sent me an email about invalid clicks when I didn't even click myself.
  6. kensterator

    Safe passwords

    But, some password fields do not allow spaces.
  7. kensterator

    Safe passwords

    I'll tell you my passwords. I have 4 different types of passwords depending on need of security. 1: 7 digits-all numbers (was hacked once) 2: 14 digits-1 word with random letters, 7 numbers (no hack) 3: 20 digits-2 words with random letters in between, 7 numbers (no hack) 4: HIGHLY SECURE-20 digits-2 words, random letters, 7 numbers all separated (you guessed it, no hack) Conclusion: Get a password with noth numbers and letters at least. To up the security use some caps lock or insert some symbols. My recommended password length is 15 digits, if it doesn't need that much security then 5-10 digits (save some space in your brain for storing other things). I only had to use my highly secure password because my 7 digits password was hacked.
  8. kensterator

    Apple vs. Windows Theory

    I can't believe I just thought of this...Check it out Why are WIndows bad (literal meaning)? They have just picked the worst name in the world "Windows" meaning those glass things at your hsoue where you can see through. They can be broken so easily, hence, Windows is bad. HACKERS easily BREAK through, get it??? They break thorough Windows (literal meaning) and they (real meaning) destroy your files. Why is Apple good (literal meaning)? They have chosen their name wisely. When you eat an apple, you become... HEALTHIER--exaclty right, Apples make you heralthy, therefore, they DONT get viruses they stay healthy. Windows gets mild dew (literally) and makes you unhealthy if there is mild dew at your house. This took me deep thinkning to figure this out, but just give me some feedback on my theory...THanks Moderators, to make this look better, you may edit spelling...Thanks
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    You should make a category called "old posts" to put old posts to save spce on the rest of the forum so people are looking at new posts instead of old ones
  10. kensterator


    My posts are never spammy. They are "spammy" because SOME people Cough JJ and COUGH COUGH noncogitas have a bias against me and there is nothing we can do about it. The rest of the people are okay with me.
  11. kensterator

    Should we talk Adam into removing the user ranking?

    Well, hmm... IDK If you take out the rankings, some people might not come here as much or they might come even more. It's like an investment. You either get loss or a high return. So, why not try it. If it doesn't work well then we put it back
  12. kensterator

    Where can I start a personal web page?

    I'll beat all the competitors listed here!! I'll give you 200 MB space and 30 GB bandwidth FREE HOSTING!!! PM me if you would like it
  13. kensterator


    If you have a website, what host are you using?
  14. kensterator

    cheapest domain possible

    I am looking for cheap domain names that will stay the same and not on sal. So, far, I have found http://ipowerweb.com for 2.95/yr. But, i'm not sure that is the cheapest. If you find cheaper ones, please tell me.
  15. kensterator

    Completely useless tricks!

    Milan, that was great, except you made my sfari quit unexpectidly
  16. kensterator

    My MacMini doesn't understand English (UK)?

    May I suggest pluggin in a Mac keyborad since Windows is messed up?
  17. kensterator

    Get $12 from Bill Gates!

    The offer is based on a NY State court case. The state of New York only has jurisdiction in the state of New York. I live in Massachusetts and I have been ripped off by Bill Gates and I belive I deserve a refund.
  18. kensterator


    yeah, dead herring, you should try wearing your glasses. Because the picture works for me.
  19. kensterator

    Merge two accounts in iTunes! need help!

    I would first try something basic. Look up either the FAQ or the terms and conditions. There might be email where you send your request for deletion.
  20. kensterator

    minimize option disappear?

    YES!!! NEVER MKAE FUN OF THE PROFESSOR!!! HE HELPS A LOT!!! Anyway.. My 10.4.5 has problems with minimizing too. THe yellow does show up, but when I press it, nothing happens. I have to move the window first before I can minimize it.
  21. kensterator

    How did you find Maccast or its forum?

    I am just curious as how you found this forum or the podcast itself. I was just searching on google for a username and it showed up on maccast, so then I saw this forum and joined. Then, I later realized that it also had a podcast.
  22. kensterator


    hey, looks good, im gonna try it!!!
  23. kensterator


    I just deleted a TON of files by accident using the "Empty Trash" good thing I didn't use secure empty trash. I need them to be recoved. I know that there is a way, but I do not know how. Can someone help me?
  24. kensterator

    Get $12 from Bill Gates!

    Why do you have to live in NY?
  25. kensterator

    Windows:Mac Virus Ratio

    Did you know... That the ratio of Windows Viruses to Mac viruses is 7,100 to 1??? WOW!!! I think Windows are the BEST COMPUTERS FOR VIRURSES to infect Source: macobserver.com