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    Thanks for trying, but I couldn't find how to undelete on the article
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    Voting on Maccast alley?

    Can I vote unlimited times on podcast alley to get it to 1st place?
  3. kensterator

    Voting on Maccast alley?

    Yeah, I tried with a different email address and it says that you have already voted.
  4. kensterator

    Computer Keyboard Problems

    Well, my "CTR" and "shift" keys have fallen out. How can I get it fixed? I know that you usually fix it by putting it back in, I know. But, the tabs on the "CTR" key that grip it in place broke, and with the shift key, the rebounder came off with it and I think that tabs also broke.
  5. kensterator

    Macs ARE more expensive.

    yes, I agreee with THE PROFESSOR, I have noticed his wise comments Apple might be selling things at higher prices, but the several qulities that it has are worth more than its price difference between Windows and Apples. If you are using Windows, you should be lucky if you don't have it crash for a week. Apple has so many other things that Windows does not have, most importantly, as Adam had said, the "soul"
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    Touch screen iPod is possible

    They better learn from their mistakes, or else...
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    x or 10?

    i think that OSX is cooler
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    it would help if you could put the essay into HTML format.
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    Windows Bashing!

    In Macs, your software updates help protect your computers and keep your mac up to date. my windows software updates will "protect your computer' YESSSS IT DOES!!! NOT!! It made my computer crash at least 10 times. Now it is officailly broken. When you open any more than 1 program, the sand timer will be there forever and you can hear the hard disk cranmking, 10 minutes later the stupid c, v, g , z, f wsefjoqwerfowejo drive STUPID NaMES, begin to over heat and you smell mewlting plastic. then the computer becomes screwb
  10. kensterator

    Touch screen iPod is possible

    How come you don't worry about finger prints or scrathces?
  11. kensterator

    Starting out with a Mac

    Who here has started using a Mac and had no need to switch? Who swtiched from Mac to Windows then switched back? What convinced you to switch to a Windows? Who uses both Mac and Windows? Who switched from a Windows to a Mac? What convinced you to do so? I myself use both, but of course I like Macs more. My first computer that I worked with was a Mac
  12. kensterator

    How often do you use iWorks?

    I don't find this program very useful. I don't see when I need to use it. I am wondering if you people use it?
  13. kensterator

    Keeping your Mac secure

    Use you main account to change the login screen so that it makes you enter both the name and the password instead whre you click the name and then enter the apssword
  14. kensterator

    Really dissappointed in my 15" PowerBook 1.5GHz

    hmm... really weird. My friends' 15" Powerbook never did anything like this altough a few weaks ago, it overheated because the fan failed to functionand now is in the Appl repair shop
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    Wireless Router

    I don't see any reset buttons on mine.
  16. kensterator

    Web Page not validating properly.

    <!-- <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> --> You put <!-- and --> try getting rid of it
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    Wireless Router

    Is there a way to get into your wireless router if you forget the password? You know get into the The one that uses .htaccess. Cause I forgo
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    Maybe you shoulld open stuffit expander, then it asks you to select a file and selsect the .bin theat you want to uunstuff
  19. kensterator

    April 1st?

    I don't think that Apple will do anythiing on April 1st that is tricky. The have never done this before. Or will they 8-[ 8-[ 8-[
  20. kensterator

    Starting out with a Mac

    Havve you heard of anyone switching from a Mac to a Windows before?
  21. kensterator

    Are Mac users THAT clumsy?

    So, how fast did it take because my friend's powerbook overheated and started smoking, and now it is in the Apple repair place and has been there for over 3 weeks and has not been shipped back.
  22. kensterator

    remote desktop replacement

    What about TimbuktuPro
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    Can you make the picture a little clearer? It's sort of blurry.
  24. kensterator

    What are the best movies for geeks?

    I don't think that Napoleon Dynamite is a good movie for geeks as it is very very very wierd. The content is not too good either
  25. kensterator

    Intel Mac Mini & Elgato EyeTV?

    I think that EyeTV might be able to be used with comcast digital